12. January 2021

Release Note for EXA32100 & EXA48600

Cubro has released the new Software Version 20.7 for EXA32100 and EXA48600. The new software release includes bug fixes, additional features and several enhancements.
17. November 2020

Cubro and ntop bring ntopng traffic analysis to Omnia

Cubro has partnered with ntop to bring ntopng, a highly regarded traffic analysis and flow collector solution, to the Omnia AppMaster ecosystem.
14. October 2020

Introducing the Omnia Series – Power & Versatility for any Enterprise

Introducing Omnia Series
The Omnia series leverages Cubro’s experience in Network Visibility and Monitoring, creating a lineup of purpose-driven hardware paired with feature stacks developed over years of engineering. This approach offers customers greater choice and more functionality.
28. September 2020

Why network visibility is essential for successful Digital Transformation outcomes?

NPB technology can help businesses and organizations to significantly reduce the risk of not achieving or delaying a successful digital transformation outcome to help them increase their revenue, profitability and share value.
14. September 2020

Cubro launches advanced 100/40 Gbit Bypass Solution

In our never-ending effort to meet the growing demands of high-speed networks, #Cubro has launched the advanced 100/40 Gbit Bypass solution, which is based on its cutting edge Network Packet Broker technology. A Bypass Switch is an essential tool for fail-safe, high-availability solutions that perform the task of ensuring uninterrupted service in the event of inline hardware failures.
3. September 2020

The value of network visibility solutions for today’s Service Provider and Enterprises

Value of network visibility solutions
Network visibility technology has been deployed by Service Providers and Enterprises for the last 15 years or so and remains as important to a successful business and IT outcomes today as it was then. The use cases for visibility technology have developed as networks have changed and are now able to provide new, incremental value to organizations. The blog examines the value of visibility solutions and the reasons why they are essential for the success of contemporary IT initiatives and business outcomes.
1. August 2020

Elevate the EXA8 Winners

EXA8 Winners
The Elevate the EXA8 Challenge has concluded and after much careful consideration we have arrived at an interesting and unexpected conclusion. We, in fact, have two winners in the contest and those honors go to Srivats P and Michele Campus!
22. July 2020

Reflections in setting a milestone

The recent research report from Omdia recognised Cubro as the fifth-place vendor in the worldwide market and second place in the Asia Pacific (CY19). The report also stated that Cubro was the first vendor to introduce 400G products in CY18.
17. July 2020

EXA8 for Open Source Projects

Cubro EXA8 for Open Source Projects
Cubro hosted the Elevate the EXA8 contest shortly after release to offer the open-source community a chance to develop unique applications on the EXA8 hardware. The final submissions to the contest highlight the diverse capabilities of the EXA8 and the ingenuity of the open-source community.
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