5. May 2021

Introducing Custos – Network Monitoring Software

Custos - Network Monitoring & Security Software
Custos is a low cost embedded monitoring software option for Cubro’s Omnia products that addresses the challenges that companies with limited IT resources face. Custos can identify suspicious devices and network activity, malfunctioning hardware, connection issues, as well as underperforming services.
29. April 2021

What is Service Based Architecture for 5G System

What is Service Based Architecture for 5G System
The Service Based architecture for 5G systems represents a move towards a cloud implementation of the Core Network. Newer 5G Core Networks have been deployed using virtualised Network Elements to allow multiple Network Elements to operate using a shared underlying hardware platform.
10. March 2021

Network Visibility is Insurance for your Network

Network visibility is insurance for your network
Every minute a critical network service, or the network itself, is down which results in lost revenue. Cubro’s line of Network Visibility and Monitoring products create the foundation for the same level of protection and risk mitigation that your company’s physical assets enjoy.
3. March 2021

Cubro partners with Polystar to deliver 5G network and services solution to Hi3G

Recently, Cubro partnered with Polystar to offer an integrated 5G network and services solution to Hi3G. Cubro and Polystar have delivered Hi3G a scalable and advanced network monitoring platform that caters to the increased demands of the NFVI and 5GC infrastructure.
17. February 2021

CEO & Founder with Visionary Leadership

A Visionary Leader - Christian Ferenz, CEO, Cubro
Cubro has shown a remarkable growth year after year since it was founded in 2003. It wouldn’t have been possible without the visionary leadership of Christian Ferenz, CEO of Cubro. The reason for the continuous success is the business advantage to our customers which we offer by developing innovative solutions.
9. February 2021

Why network visibility is critical for security

Why network visibility is critical for security
You can only secure what you can see – network visibility is essential for security. Omnia, the latest network visibility device from Cubro, can be configured as a network security appliance with an integrated network TAP and Packet Broker by installing the appropriate software application.
12. January 2021

Release Note for EXA32100 & EXA48600

Cubro has released the new Software Version 20.7 for EXA32100 and EXA48600. The new software release includes bug fixes, additional features and several enhancements.
17. November 2020

Cubro and ntop bring ntopng traffic analysis to Omnia

Cubro has partnered with ntop to bring ntopng, a highly regarded traffic analysis and flow collector solution, to the Omnia AppMaster ecosystem.
14. October 2020

Introducing the Omnia Series – Power & Versatility for any Enterprise

Introducing Omnia Series
The Omnia series leverages Cubro’s experience in Network Visibility and Monitoring, creating a lineup of purpose-driven hardware paired with feature stacks developed over years of engineering. This approach offers customers greater choice and more functionality.
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