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Omnic – Cubro SmartNIC (NPU)

A High-Performance Networking device

OMNIC - Cubro's SmartNIC with and without SFP modules

Cubro SmartNIC called Omnic is an innovative high-performance networking device that empowers network operations. It combines advanced Network Processor (NPU) technology and ARM CPU to exceed expectations.

The Omnic Series is Tailored to Your Network Needs

The Omnic Series comprises two variants, each designed to cater to different network requirements, either 4 x  10 or 25 Gbps or 2 x 100 Gbps network interface. 

This solution offers unparalleled scalability, ranging from a single Omnic housed in a small server to a maximum of 20 cards accommodated in a 4 U server. Omnic can reach performance up to 1.6 TB/sec per 4 U, all achieved without burdening the server’s resources.

Network Processing Unit makes Omnic more than a SmartNIC

The Omnic is more than just a SmartNIC. It is a comprehensive network processing unit, equipped with a state-of-the-art 24-core ARM CPU.

Omnic allows applications to run on the card itself, which makes it possible to offload server applications, thus streamlining network operations. This innovative approach is used in Cubro’s Omnia QM solution to produce metadata at a scale of terabits.

Product Highlights

  • Standard Packet Broker Features: packet filtering, data masking, tunnel creation, header stripping, load balancing, and more
  • Industry leading Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Variety of DPI enriched metadata formats including extended Data Records and IPFIX
  • Inline Monitoring in combination with the EX400 Bypass

Key Features and Benefits

Intelligent Offloading and Traffic Filtering

Omnic’s integrated operating system allows intelligent offloading of server applications and the removal of unnecessary network traffic. As a result, lower traffic volume boosts server performance and streamlines the network infrastructure, resulting in increased efficiency and significant cost savings.

Seamless Software Integration with DPDK Stack

The DPDK software stack in Omnic ensures seamless integration with the existing network environment. Omnic brings benefits due to high-speed packet handling, efficient load balancing, and advanced application filtering based on Cubro DPI.

Powerful Metadata Generation

Omnic’s impressive metadata generation creates invaluable insights into the network traffic. Omnic produces valuable metadata that can replace the need for full packet processing allowing efficient large volume network traffic handling. Omnic extracts meaningful metadata and enhances network analysis, enabling informed decision-making and optimizing network performance. 

Cost-Effectiveness & Power Efficiency

Omnic offers an exceptional cost-to-performance ratio compared to the traditional server approach. Omnic has a processing capacity of up to 60 Gbps per unit, reducing operational costs and optimizing power consumption.



Use Cases

Use Case – Traffic Reduction

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