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Solutions for Data Centers

Data Centres, whether a private sector resource or business, or public sector resource, are responsible for ensuring the delivery of IT services to their users. This means delivering IT services which generate a growing amount of data to increasingly demanding users in the manner the users wish to receive the data, how they need to receive it, when they need to receive it, and at the speed they need to receive it. The services need to be delivered cost effectively while adhering to relevant regulations and sustainably managing resources.

Complex high performance and agile networks

High performance, secure, and agile networks are essential for the satisfactory delivery of IT services to the users.

The networks need to support a range of speeds up to 400G bps and beyond, provide a strong security posture, and the flexibility to deliver services across multiple domains, including on-premise, cloud and virtual domains, across multi technology, multi vendor environments. They need to be able to satisfy increasing network capacity demands, increasing technical support demands from users, sustainably manage the use of environmental resources, as well as accommodate multiple technologies from multiple vendors and incorporate new technologies when needed.

Full visibility of Data Centres’ networks is critical and fundamental to the monitoring, security and planning of the networks and their ability to meet their users’ requirements.

Full visibility of multi technology, multi domain networks

Cubro’s solutions duplicate all required network traffic, process and optimize the traffic to remove network blind spots, and send the optimized traffic to network monitoring, security and analytics tools to improve network performance, availability, security posture and planning.

Cubro products connect to networks, observe all traffic traversing an organization’s network and copy relevant traffic from any part of the network, including multi technology, multi vendor on-premises,  cloud and virtual environments, for delivery to network monitoring, security and analytics tools.

Gain complete network visibility

Cubro Network Packet Brokers (NPB) can process the network data in many ways including aggregation, traffic filtering, VXLAN filtering and termination, encapsulation and de-encapsulation, traffic correlation, Deep Packet Inspection, timestamping, packet slicing, data masking, deduplication and metadata generation. This means that irrespective of the network technology deployed, the network tools can receive all of the network traffic that they need to analyse in order to fully execute their function, and the quantity of traffic is minimized to reduce the loading on the network tools and improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing their costs and the environmental resources required.

Cubro’s innovative culture, market intelligence from some of the world’s largest network users, and product roadmaps provide an evolution path to support new technologies when they offer commercial and technical advantages to our customers.

Advantages of our Solutions

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