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Your business depends on your network infrastructure. Whether it is acquiring new customers or providing best QoE to your existing customers, a network that performs well is vital. To make the investment in your network payoff in the long term, you need robust network monitoring tools that are reliable and scalable. Cubro network visibility tools offer complete network visibility and solutions for aggregation, filtering, slicing, load balancing, deep packet inspection, and more. We focus on performance and productivity. The wealth of innovative and customized features that we offer to our customers, according to their individual needs, is the key to our success.


Custos is a low cost embedded network monitoring software option for Omnia Series. Custos provides a comprehensive view of your network and its behaviour and acts as a network guardian tool. 
Cubro Vitrum Management Suite is a versatile network management software that offers network topology visualisation. It enhances the efficiency of the business by offering centralised control of multiple Cubro network packet brokers.

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Network Probe is a passive device which receives network traffic from TAPs and network packet brokers (NPBs) and extracts metadata.

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Cloud Switch

The Cubro Cloud Switch (CCS) is currently the end in this evolution from L4 NPB to an active network device with visibility functions included. The CCS provides switching functions in layer 2 to 7 and at the same time visibility.

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Network Packet Brokers

Gain end-to-end visibility with Cubro’s advanced Network Packet Brokers (NPBs).  
Cubro offers a full range of NPBs to fit the needs for most demanding monitoring and security applications.

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Network TAPs

A network TAP (Test Access Point), optical or electrical, is the first device to provide network visibility. It is vital that this device is highly reliable.

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Cubro Bypass Switch provides a fail-safe access port for an in-line active security appliance such as an intrusion prevention system (IPS), next-generation firewall (NGFW), etc.

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Breakout Boxes and Media Converters are cost-effective tools providing enhanced network visibility and greater versatility in dealing with network related issues.

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