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Optical Bypass EX400 provides live link protection in case of NPB failure

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Network speeds are constantly increasing to support enterprise activities. Many inline tools are used by businesses to protect their assets, such as intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and firewalls. It is often the case that these tools are limited with their bandwidth or their resilience cannot be guaranteed. 

The use case in the article illustrates how a bypass can support and protect your business without affecting your network.

Use Case – Protect the live link in case the NPB fails

The enterprise customer had to monitor traffic between the external and internal routers of its live link. To minimize system load and ensure that only necessary network traffic is distributed to monitoring tools, Cubro’s next-generation NPB that offers advanced inner IP filtering capabilities was implemented by the enterprise customer. 

The network packet broker’s network filtering ensured that no irrelevant data was analysed by the processor. As a result, the monitoring tools became more effective and efficient and the purchase price and total cost of ownership were lowered. In addition, the monitoring tools’ lifespan and return on investment increased.

Additionally, Cubro’s Optical Bypass EX400 was deployed to protect the link in the event that the NPB fails for any reason, whether it is a hardware failure, electrical outage, or maintenance activity.

Client Deployment Scenario 

Client Deployment Scenario

By implementing an optical bypass EX400, the enterprise customer ensured that it wouldn’t lose traffic in case of failures or maintenance windows. Bypasses maintain traffic flow regardless of what goes wrong. 

Bypass switches are in-line devices that provide fail-safe protection for the monitoring devices deployed by the enterprise customer. They ensure no traffic on the live link is impacted. To this end, the EX400 was used to isolate the Cubro NPB and the monitoring tools connected to it.

The Breakout Boxes are part of the solution because the live links are 10G native links. Therefore, the conversion from 10G to 40G and vice versa is required.

Different Scenarios of Traffic Flows

Traffic Flow without Cubro NPB
Traffic Flow with Cubro NPB
Traffic Flow Using Bypass in Case of NPB Failure

Cubro’s bypass solutions improve business continuity and IT operational agility by reducing network downtime. This increases productivity and efficiency to deliver improved end-user experience and higher revenue.

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