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Session-Aware Load Balancing

The Challenge

Network bandwidth is growing at an unprecedented speed. It is essential to divide and distribute traffic among multiple tools, so that network and security visibility can scale beyond the capacity a single tool can provide. This can boost network device performance and reduce the cost of ownership.

The Solution From Cubro

Symmetric load balancing or session-aware load balancing, is supported on all Cubro Packetmasters at no extra charge. Each device supports up to 10 LB groups with 16 ports per group. Symmetric load balancing is a mechanism that interchanges the source and destination addresses to ensure that bidirectional traffic - specific to a particular source and destination address pair flows out of the same member of a trunk group.

The session-aware load balancing helps scale network infrastructure by dividing traffic between two or more tools when volume exceeds a single tool or port's capacity. It improves efficiency by weighting traffic delivery to match tool processing capabilities or port bandwidth capacity.


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