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Cubro is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of IT network visibility products that provide network visibility solutions for Service Providers and Enterprise networks. Our product range includes Network TAPs, Advanced Network Packet Brokers, Network Probes and Bypass Switches.

Cubro’s products provide the foundation for many of the tools and products that keep today’s networks functioning and secure. Our products integrate seamlessly with a variety of industry security, analytics, monitoring, forensics, and troubleshooting tools, and this allows us to develop technology partners with a variety of strategic solution providers. The goal of these partnerships is to develop closer integration, both from a technical perspective and a go-to-market approach.

We represent a new kind of technology partnership in the area of Visibility. Cubro works with partners to provide the best solutions to today’s critical network issues. It does not try to maximise its share of the overall project spend at the expense of its partners. Cubro’s advanced platforms offer a better solution package, with lower rackspace, lower power consumption, and simpler deployment into today’s increasingly high-speed and complex network environments.

If you’re interested in becoming our technology partner, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Discover Cubro’s Strategic Partners for Enterprise & Service Providers

Explore our enterprise & service provider strategic partnerships to discover how we are collaborating with industry leaders to bring you the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions in the market. Our strategic partners span a wide range of industries and include some of the most respected and innovative names in the technology world. From cloud providers and software vendors to hardware manufacturers and professional services firms, our partners bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Out-of-Band Security Solutions
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IoT (Internet of Things)
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Inline Security
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Service Provider Focused Solutions
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Embedded Solution Partners
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Service Assurance & Management

Out-of-Band Security Solutions

In recent years, protecting enterprise IT assets has undergone significant changes due to the emergence of various technologies such as Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), Work-From-Home (WFH), Internet of Things (IoT), and increased usage of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and multi-cloud computing. This has resulted in the disappearance of the enterprise perimeter and the emergence of a new threat landscape. Therefore, enterprises should assume that bad actors may already have access to their networks and data.

Cubro solutions, in partnership with security solution providers, can assist in securing enterprise computing access by continuously monitoring network activity and utilizing the latest in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to identify and remediate new threats.

Cubro’s fully passive network TAPs provide visibility to all network traffic by providing an out-of-band copy of everything that crosses the wire, ensuring nothing is overlooked. The copied traffic is then fed from the TAPs to Cubro’s Network Packet Brokers, which can filter traffic, de-encapsulate tunneled traffic, deduplicate, and perform session-aware load-balancing. Additionally, Cubro Packet Brokers can generate network flow meta-data in industry-standard formats like Netflow or IPFIX, which some network security tools may prefer to ingest.

Below are some of Cubro’s key security solution technology partners:

Download the Joint Solution Briefs
Download the Joint Solution Brief
Download the Joint Solution Brief
Download the Joint Solution Brief
Download the Joint Solution Brief
Download the Joint Solution Brief

IoT (Internet of Things)

Ask many networking professionals for the definition of IOT, and the most common response is that IoT stands for “Internet of Things”. This term refers to the intricate network of physical objects, often referred to as “things,” which are equipped with sensors, software, and other cutting-edge technologies. TThe primary purpose of these technologies is to establish connections and facilitate the exchange of data with other devices and systems through the vast expanse of the internet. These encompass an array of devices ranging from everyday household items to highly sophisticated industrial tools.

Presently, the global count of connected IoT devices exceeds 7 billion. This number is projected to ascend to 10 billion by 2020 and an astounding 22 billion by 2025. Nevertheless, within the realm of network security, an alternative interpretation of IoT exists. Many network security professionals might define IoT as the “Internet of Threats.” This viewpoint stems from the complex challenges associated with safeguarding and effectively managing the proliferation of these novel network endpoints. Notable concerns encompass ransomware attacks, data breaches, and Denial of Service (DoS) incidents, among others.

The intricate web of these challenges arises from weak authorization protocols, the complexities of password management, the criticality of timely software patching, and the vulnerabilities residing in the software supply chain that serves this vast multitude of devices.

Nonetheless, the landscape is evolving, and new paradigms for security and management are emerging. A crucial foundation involves meticulous inventory tracking and comprehensive assessments. Additionally, the integration of zero-trust principles, such as micro-segmentation, alongside continuous vigilance against potential threats, is swiftly gaining traction. These evolving strategies and solutions all hinge on the fundamental bedrock of Network Visibility infrastructure to achieve their intended effectiveness.

Cubro is partnering with leading IoT security and management partners to provide solutions to address IoT threats. A notable emphasis lies in the Healthcare and Hospital sectors, wherein Cubro’s solutions have garnered specific attention. Globally, statistics reveal that 56% of hospitals have encountered cyber attacks within the past two years. More alarmingly, a staggering 88% of these incidents implicate IoT devices.

Highlighted below are some of Cubro’s key partners in the realms of IoT and MIoT (Medical Internet of Things).

Download the Joint Solution Brief
Download the Joint Solution Brief

Inline Security Solutions

Some security tools such as SD-WAN or SASE enforcement points, Firewalls, Secure Web Gateway, Intrusion Protection systems, and others are “in-line” network functions. All network data passes through these devices for evaluation before moving through to their intended destination. This means that if the device goes out of service they can become points-of-failure for business operations.  

Cubro Bypass Switch is an essential tool for fail-safe, high-availability solutions that perform the task of ensuring uninterrupted service in the event of inline hardware failures. It utilizes heartbeat packets generated and detected by the network interfaces to identify an interruption in the link, even when the failure is caused by a misconfiguration or a software fault. 

If an inline device needs to be taken off-line for maintenance, critical applications can be stopped. This means that implementation of these tools should be carefully planned, and include functions such as high availability, load-balancing, and fail-safe capability. It is even more critical when multiple security functions are consolidated in a single device.

Cubro’s bypass switches uniquely include load-balancing functions in conjunction with the heartbeat-based high availability and failover capabilities that ensure any investment in enforcement tools is fully utilized.

Download the Joint Solution Brief

Service Provider Focused Solutions

As a Service Provider in today’s rapidly changing landscape, you face a multitude of challenges, including keeping up with new technologies, managing competition, ensuring system security, complying with regulations, and managing costs. 

At Cubro, we understand the challenges faced by Cellular Network Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Multiple Service Operators (MSOs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Hyperscalers, Cloud Providers, and other emerging Service Providers. Our cutting-edge visibility technology provides a solid foundation for managing, securing, analyzing, and troubleshooting dynamic and demanding services.

Our solutions, built on P4-based silicon, incorporate advanced carrier protocols such as VxLAN, GTP, and MPLS, among others, providing extreme operating efficiencies. They consume less power and rack space, making them more cost-effective than similar solutions on the market, often by an order of magnitude. With the ability to handle Terabit-scale requirements, our solutions are designed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

We work with Technology Partners to provide joint solutions that offer true value to our customers. With our experience installing solutions for demanding service providers around the world, we are able to provide joint solutions that deliver on their promises every time. If you are a Service Provider Solution Provider looking for win-win-win advantages, we invite you to meet with us and discuss how Cubro Solutions for Service Providers can help you address your unique challenges.

Download the Joint Solution Brief
Download the Joint Solution Briefs
Download the Joint Solution Brief
Download the Joint Solution Brief
Download the Joint Solution Brief

Embedded Solution Partners

Cubro’s expertise in Network Visibility and Monitoring is the foundation for the Omnia series of packet brokers. These purpose-built hardware devices are complemented by software feature stacks that have been carefully crafted through years of engineering. This unique approach enables customers to choose from a wide range of features and customize them to suit their specific needs, providing them with greater flexibility and functionality. The Omnia Series consists of various products, including the Omnia20 and Omnia120, which offer higher port density, port speeds, and performance.

Omnia platforms include a full-featured Ubuntu Linux operating system on a powerful ARM CPU with dedicated memory and the possibility of adding Solid State Storage.  This allows users to run additional applications coming from a diverse ecosystem including applications developed by Cubro, our partners, and packages from the Linux open-source community.

Service Assurance and Management

The landscape of Service Provider networks is undergoing a rapid transformation driven by various initiatives such as edge computing, enhanced digitization, and the implementation of novel network structures and protocols. In this dynamic environment, ensuring uninterrupted operation of revenue-generating services and the satisfaction of customers is of paramount importance.

However, traditional centralized service assurance solutions prove to be prohibitively costly for utilization within these newly emerging distributed environments. Moreover, in many cases, these solutions are not even deployable in the context of the evolving network architectures.

Recognizing these challenges, Cubro has partnered with selected industry leading analytics and service assurance vendors to bring to market cost effective, and powerful solutions to support new network architectures and network operators during their continuing evolution journey.

Download the Joint Solution Brief

Advantages of Partnering with Technology Experts

At Cubro, we understand the importance of technology partnerships, and we strive to build strong relationships with partners who share our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions. 

Access to More Comprehensive Solutions:
We can provide customers access to more comprehensive solutions through our partnerships, enabling them to tackle a broader spectrum of business challenges and attain more impactful outcomes.
Higher Quality Solutions:
Collaborating with technology partners can assist customers in delivering superior quality solutions to their own clientele by integrating state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices into their offerings.
Improved Customer Support:
By leveraging our combined expertise, we offer customers enhanced support services. We work closely with partners to understand customers’ unique needs and challenges.

Become a partner

Whether you are looking to expand your product offerings, reach new markets, or simply provide more value to your customers, partnering with Cubro can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our technology partnership opportunities.

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About Endace

Endace’s always-on packet capture allows you to sniff packets and analyze traffic across your entire network. EndaceProbes integrate seamlessly with leading security and performance tools for fast incident response in on-premise and hybrid cloud environmentsCapture every packet and get complete network visibility in a single console with Endace.

For more information see or follow Endace on X and LinkedIn.


Trellix NDR (Network Detection & Response) is a next-generation network detection and response. Trellix NDR combines both signature-based and signature-less intrusion detection methods to identify malicious traffic and stop threats before they take hold in the network. Signature-less detection stops zero-day threats and unidentified attacks, unlike solutions that solely utilize signature-based detection, where only known threats are detected. Trellix NDR supports VMware NSX and OpenStack, extending network security across both the physical and virtual infrastructure. Flexible deployments with hardware sensors that support up to 100 Gbps network traffic and virtual sensors make Trellix NDR the ideal next-generation NDR for on-premises and cloud deployments. Learn more at

Forescout Technologies

Forescout is the leader in Enterprise of Things security, offering a holistic platform that continuously identifies, segments and enforces compliance of every connected thing across any heterogeneous network. The Forescout platform is the most widely deployed, scalable, enterprise- class solution for agentless device visibility and control. It deploys quickly on your existing infrastructure – without requiring agents, upgrades or 802.1X authentication. Fortune 1000 companies and government organizations trust Forescout to reduce the risk of business disruption from security incidents or breaches, ensure and demonstrate security compliance and increase security operations productivity.

Don’t just see it. Secure it. Visit to learn how Forescout provides active defense for the Enterprise of Things.

About WitFoo

Built by veterans of the military, law enforcement and cyber security, WitFoo is dedicated to delivering sustained success to the practitioners of cyber security operations.

Thousands of hours of ongoing research in the trenches with analysts, investigators, managers and executives led to the forming of WitFoo and the subsequent work. Secure together, WitFoo delivers the tools and data that allow for collaborative cybersecurity and prosecution of cyber criminals, resulting in the deterrence and prevention of cyber crime.

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Cynerio – Safeguarding Healthcare through Innovative Cybersecurity

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology, every 7.1 minutes witnesses the onset of a cyberattack. This alarming frequency necessitates a formidable solution, and Cynerio stands resolute with a singular objective – to thwart these attacks and fortify the security of every IoT, IoMT, OT, and IT device within healthcare environments.

With capabilities ranging from micro segmentation and improved device insight to identifying exposed ePHI and stopping ransomware, Cynerio provides the technology and expertise needed to protect hospitals and patients from cyberattacks.

Traditional cybersecurity products focus on IT assets, leaving up to 50% of a hospital’s technology footprint unprotected. Increasing attacks on these devices continue to threaten patients and facilities across the United States. Cynerio’s cybersecurity platform includes:

  • Inventory & Visibility – Automatically identifies & inventories all devices on a hospital network in real-time & tells you where they’re located. Identifies device-specific risks and provides mitigation guidance.
  • Preventative Risk Management – Continually monitors network communications, configurations, and all device details. Identifies where traffic is going externally or where external connections exist so we can tighten the network. Provides guidance on how to protect the environment and notifies you of what should be prioritized.
  • Attack Detection & Response – Provides alerts about live attacks on medical and other loT devices. Immediately contains & quarantines attacks without disrupting device functionality or patient care. Effectively responds to attacks by integrating Cynerio loT attack visibility with IT security enforcement. Carries out proactive risk reduction to prevent future attacks.
  • Cynerio Live – Industry-leading research team focused on supporting customers, reducing security noise, and advancing the security of IoT in healthcare.


For more information, check this link

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logo cubro partner fortinet

About Fortinet

Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) secures the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world. Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface and the power to take on ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network – today and into the future. Only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can deliver security without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, cloud or mobile environments. More than 300,000 customers worldwide trust Fortinet to protect their businesses. Learn more at

Joint Solution Briefs

About ABHandshake

AB Handshake Corporation was founded by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the telecom field and expertise in establishing and successfully growing innovative hi-tech companies. The company’s telecom and engineering background made it possible to take an idea for preventing voice fraud by call validation and turn it into a universal solution working for all types of networks.

After creating the AB Handshake technology, testing it on an intercontinental network with countless simulated fraud scenarios, and honing the details of the service, the corporation was founded in order to distribute the technology on a global scale.

To facilitate the adoption of AB Handshake, the company is establishing a trusted community of telecom service providers that share the common goal of eliminating fraud through call validation. Inside this community, all voice traffic exchange is free from major types of voice fraud. The result is a radical improvement of customer experience and sboosted profitability of the community members.

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About Elisa Ploystar

Elisa Polystar, part of Elisa Group, is an innovative provider of cloud-native automation and analytics solutions. Our products help CSPs to reduce both OPEX and CAPEX costs, while enhancing customer experiences.

Our portfolio – proven with hundreds of CSPs globally – integrates AI-driven analytics with automation. It unlocks the benefits of closed-loop network operations and optimisation – delivering self-driving networks. Our solutions are compatible with any network, as well as any service, including IoT and 5G network slicing.

With our background as a subsidiary of Finland’s largest CSP, Elisa Polystar’s solutions are developed in a live network, and with the unique needs of operators in mind: by an operator, for operators.

For more information please visit

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About Ocient

Ocient is the leading hyperscale data solutions company that enables organizations to unlock value by analyzing trillions of data records at performance levels and costs previously unattainable. Leading organizations around the world trust Ocient’s team of industry experts to design and deploy proven complex solutions that enable and fast-track new revenue opportunities, streamline operations, and improve security on 5-10x more data while reducing their storage footprint by roughly 80%.

Ocient’s pilot-to-production solutions are rapidly deployed on-prem or in the cloud with little to no resource-intensive integration. Ocient is a carbon-neutral company, headquartered in Chicago, and backed by leading investors including Greycroft, OCA Ventures and In-Q-Tel. For more information, please visit

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logo cubro partner ntop


ntop is a 20 years old engineering-driven company that develops both open-source and commercial networking software used by small individuals as well by large telecom operators. The main focus is on high-speed network traffic analysis and security, including packet capturing and inspection, active probing, and in-depth traffic analysis.

ntop started as an opensource project in 1998 whose goal was to create a simple yet effective web-based traffic monitoring platform. Many things have changed since then, including the nature of the traffic being analyzed, operating systems being run, and the way users interact with technologies. During this time, ntop has evolved into a fully-fledged research company with many opensource projects whose main spirit is still the original one, namely, innovate network monitoring using commodity hardware and freely available operating systems.

qxip logo - partner of cubro


QXIP, the creator of Homer and the HEP protocol, is a RnD company based in The Netherlands. QXIP’s flagship monitoring platform is Hepic, which is designed to fulfil all the critical needs for the modern Telco, integrators, carriers, and enterprises. Hepic is full of advanced features, including Real-Time Session Tracking, RTP Analyzers, Cross-Protocol Correlation, Group Aggregations, Big-Data, Intelligent Alerting, Partitioning, Clustering and much more. All of these features are fully compatible with the existing Open-Source HEP Stack and Agents, delivering the best of both worlds.

logo cubro partner silverengine


SilverEngine is a technology consultancy providing services focused on technical infrastructure and networks of telecom operators.

We help our clients improve performance and reliability of complex and mission critical networks. Beyond technical infrastructures, we provide advice to our clients how to design and implement subscriber-centric data center architectures.

Part of our portfolio is 5G Subscriber Experience and IoT Analytics solutions which enables operators to take data driven decisions to improve Subscriber Experience by optimize and invest infrastructure where it matters most, as well as identifying subscribers with poor network experience.

Our solutions are tailor-made and developed in close cooperation with our clients. SilverEngine combines comprehensive industry knowledge with unique technology know-how offering advice, services to develop and implement technological solutions as well as best-of-breed tools and techniques. Examples of our customers includes Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Nokia.

logo cubro partner sniffa


Sniffa Network Security Solutions (NSS) are a UK based company, that specialise in helping businesses to detect intruders that operate inside the perimeter defences of corporate IT Networks.

Sniffa NSS use the best of breed Intrusion Detection Systems Snort™ with Deep Packet Analysis from Zeek™, to produce network traffic metadata that far surpasses that gathered by traditional network visibility tools and NetFlow collectors.

They have developed simple to use applications that ingest that metadata and present it to SecOps staff in a way that makes threat hunting more efficient. There is no need to install complex and expensive SIEM solutions for staff to learn and operate, when Sniffa NSS’s all-in-one solution will do the job quicker, better and for a lot less cost.

About StableNet®

StableNet® simplifies network automation workflows, enabling immediate results without extensive upfront programming investments. By consolidating functionalities, StableNet® saves considerable time and reduces costs (OPEX and CAPEX). The iterative process begins with repeated checks and discovery of inventory, moving through simplified configuration jobs, root cause analysis, continuous SLA monitoring, compliance tracking, and simplified and automated backups and reporting. With StableNet®, even the most customized tasks can be greatly simplified. For more information, check this link

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