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20 Years Strong: Celebrating Cubro’s major milestone

The networks have changed significantly over the last 20 years, and so have we! In today’s unpredictable time, there’s nothing more valuable than building trust. Cubro has been able to outperform competition by remaining resilient during the uncertain times under the leadership of its founders. Our customers and partners can count on us as we continue to deliver reliable innovative solutions.

Join us as we look back and celebrate the people and places that helped us build the company we are today. From our early days of working in a garage to being a global leader in network visibility solutions, we hope you enjoy this trip through our archives!

The early days

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu.
The story of Cubro started when three partners, Christian, Sascha and Gabriel, realized the needs of a customer and decided to develop the product by themselves based on their knowledge and expertise. Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to stay assertive and stick to their dreams, however, these three partners continued to be part of the company and are still actively involved in every aspect. They were soon joined by the fourth partner Herbert who shared a similar passion and helped them take the company to the next level.

Cubro's first office in Vienna
Our first 30 sqmt. office in this building
Cubro founders in 2006
The leadership team in business casuals
Technology days with Cubro 2010 - presentation
Presentation at Tech-day in 2010

Being customer-centric; It’s in our DNA

The company continued to invest in technology and expanded its product portfolio depending on the market requirements. Many new resellers and system integrators worldwide started selling Cubro products in new markets like Japan, the USA, South Africa and the UK. The company has always focused on developing products based on customers’ needs, which has been a major differentiator.

Sharkfest with Cubro 2018
Super excited during SharkFest 2018
Cisco Live with Cubro 2019
Capturing our brand essence at Cisco Live 2019
Cubro at Mobile World Congress in 2019
At Mobile World Congress 2019

The best is yet to come…
(2020 onwards)

The company expanded operations in the US market to compete in the increasingly competitive market. Cubro’s portfolio will also open a new page in the network visibility space and new approaches in terms of new technologies. We believe the best innovation should bring down the cost for customers while adding value. We aim to introduce solutions that will bring the cost of monitoring down. Reducing the cost of ownership and the ecological footprint is an ongoing process and an important goal for Cubro. 

Mobile World Congress with Cubro 2022
United we Stand…at the MWC Barcelona 2022
Sales meeting of Cubro 2022
Our annual sales meetings, simple yet effective
Cubro team event in 2022
Having fun at our team building activity
A Thank you from Cubro

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