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Omnia SEC

Omnia SEC Solution supercharges your security infrastructure by selectively extracting only the most critical segments of network traffic. By significantly reducing the data load your security systems need to process and store data, optimize resources and improve overall efficiency. 

Optimizing Traffic for Enhanced Efficiency

Challenges in Managing and Filtering Modern Network Traffic

Enterprises often struggle with the sheer volume of network traffic data generated on a daily basis. This flood of data can overwhelm security systems, making it difficult to identify and prioritize security threats effectively. Omnia SEC tackles this challenge by selectively extracting and analyzing only the most relevant parts of network traffic, reducing the data load and enabling more efficient threat detection and response.

Cubro Optimized Cybersecurity Feed for CSPs: The crucial role of traffic reduction in enhancing cybersecurity solutions

Realizing the crucial role of traffic reduction in enhancing cybersecurity solutions, Cubro offers a solution to optimize cybersecurity feed. The solution addresses the core challenge of traffic reduction in bolstering cybersecurity. Our efficient and robust approach revolutionizes data management without compromising resources, offering a scalable solution capable of handling massive traffic volumes, up to several Tbps.

Cubro’s tailored cybersecurity solution offers application filtering for efficient traffic management, identifying and filtering known non-threatening sources. The second step involves TCP Flow Optimization with intelligent traffic reduction strategies, such as sampling the initial 15 packets of TCP flows.

  • Traffic Sources: Utilize Traffic Access Points (TAPs) or existing Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) to capture network traffic.
  • Aggregation: Cubro network packet broker aggregates traffic from different input ports for efficient processing.
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI): Traffic is routed to the DPI engine on Omnic or Omnia120 to extract metadata for application filtering.
  • Traffic Optimization: NPB filters non-relevant traffic and load balances to multiple Omnics if necessary for TCP/IP flow sampling.
  • Flexible Deployment: Omnic can be installed on any server, operating in standalone mode with only power required—no additional software is necessary.
  • Final Processing: Sampled traffic is directed to the server NIC, where cybersecurity tools analyze the data.

Benefits of Omnia SEC Solution

Substantial Traffic Reduction resulting in cost efficiency and resource optimization: Cubro’s innovative solution significantly decreases unnecessary traffic by a factor of 500, enhancing cost efficiency and resource optimization.

Security enhancement: Omnia SEC solution can help save potential costs by preventing data breaches and cyber attacks by leveraging TCP session slicing to enhance threat detection and response capabilities. It can also prevent compliance violations.

Compliance and risk management: TCP session slicing helps us meet compliance requirements and manage cybersecurity risks more effectively by providing deeper insights into our network activity.

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