The flexibility and rich feature set of the Cubro products gives us the ability to create many solutions to fit your exact needs. We believe in a decision simplicity approach and are here to help you in your purchase journey by identifying and weighing the features that are most relevant to your requirements. The growing complexity of networks has created a need for more effective solutions to the issues related to a blind spot. We provide cost-efficient solutions that would cater to your specific needs of providing high port density, agility, security, scalability and network visibility.

Service Providers

Using big data analytics to bring together various data points like historical records, quality of service, network performance, billing information and call details can help telecommunication companies to identify and address customer problems.

We provide solutions which can help service providers to improve service quality and achieve customer satisfaction.


Data Center

Best practice recommendations around NPBs include finding a solution that delivers true link layer visibility. In some cases, this means implementing tools to monitor network devices and individual links. In other cases, monitoring all the way to the application layer is required.

Our solutions help monitor network-only functions or monitor and alert on both network and application issues that arise.



Enterprises face risks of malware hacking, spams, viruses, etc. These security issues are the biggest threats to any company. Our solutions for network visibility can help enterprises to sift through the traffic and detect these threats.

Deep visibility into content in real-time can help enterprises to prevent such intrusions.


Government Organisations

Preventing failures is much more effective than repairing them especially when it involves providing a reliable and secure data environment. With proper visibility into your network, you can prevent, detect and respond to threats and identify attacks. The final goal of a visibility architecture is to be able to capture data smartly at regular intervals for monitoring.


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