1Do I Need To Buy SFP Products From Cubro?
No, this is not necessary. You can use SFPs from every SFP vendor.
2Where Can I Access The Manuals For Cubro Products?
You need to register on our support portal (https://support.cubro.com/) to access the manuals.
3Do I Still Need A TAP If I Use Network Packet Broker?
It is not necessary. A network packet broker can work without a TAP, but we do recommend it.
4What Are The Possibilities To Operate The EX Products?
All EX products can be controlled over the CLI (Management and serial connection). Some of the EX products have an implemented Webserver and can be operated over a GUI.
5How Do I Get Started?
Here’s everything you need to know to get started with Cubro. Cubro offers a wide range of passive and secure network TAPs and packet brokers to connect the ever-growing number of monitoring tools to the production network. The network visibility devices assure that each of these tools only gets a copy of the network data it needs to prevent tool performance oversubscription. Also, it saves cost in purchasing too many expensive monitoring tools. Ask yourself: Do you have an upcoming data monitoring project where the monitoring tool needs a copy of the real data? i.e. Network Performance Monitoring (NPM), Application Performance Monitoring (APM), IDS/IPS, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), VoIP monitoring, Lawful interception (LI) etc. Are you still using SPAN ports to connect to your monitoring tools? Will there be an upgrade in the network from 1Gbps to 10, 40 or 100Gbps and the monitoring tools do not support this? If you have any of these requirements and need expert advice on managing your network, then contact us at https://www.cubro.com/en/contact/ To find out about our products click here https://www.cubro.com/en/products/ To learn more about our solutions relevant to your business, click here https://www.cubro.com/en/solutions/ For more information, check our resources section https://www.cubro.com/en/resources/ To get started with a specific product, download the manual by registering at https://support.cubro.com/support/login
6Do The Optical TAPs Require Power?
The Cubro optical TAPs are fully passive and need no electrical power.
7What Happens When Power Fails If I Am Using Cubro Copper TAP?
The Cubro copper TAP uses telecom relays to close the link if the power supply is interrupted. The switching time depends on speed, master/slave resolve, and length of cable in the link. It is maximum 2 or 3 seconds long, in most cases only a few milliseconds.
8What Are Your Support And Maintenance Policies?
Please see https://www.cubro.com/en/support/maintenance-description/
9What Kind Of Power Supplies Are Supported By Cubro Products?
All Cubro packet brokers can be ordered with AC or DC power supply. For maximum security, the dual power supply is supported.
10How Can NTP Be Configured On The Packet Broker?
An NTP server can be configured using the WebGUI. For more information, please check the manual of your device.
11Do Cubro Products Support SNMP?
All Cubro EX products support SNMPv2. Configuration is straight forward via an App running inside the WebGUI.
12How Many Ports Are Required On Network Packet Broker Per Tapped Optical Link?
If you are tapping one optical live link you need 2 incoming ports on the network packet broker, one port per direction.
13Can I Use A Network Packet Broker Inline?
Yes, the EX series can be used inline. For pure monitoring applications, we recommend using the NPB behind TAPs in order to guarantee disruption-free service. In case incoming traffic to the NPB needs to be modified, NPB can be used inline.
14What Is The Difference Between EX And EXA Products?
EX handles traffic up to Layer 4 (TCP/UDP) while EXA is able to look into Layer 7 information.
15Will The Cubro Copper TAPs Be Delivered With Dual Power Supply?
The copper tap is delivered with dual power supply but requires a 2nd AC/DC Adapter (CBR.PS-12).
16Which Cubro Products Support "De-Duplication" Feature?
"De-duplication" is only supported by some Cubro Sessiomaster devices like the EXA40(D) and EXA24160.
17How Do I Reset The Password On My Packetmaster In Case I Forget It?
In case you changed the default password and forgot it, please contact our support team on support@cubro.com.