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Reduce costs & enhance performance with user plane monitoring

Manage Traffic Growth and Network Expansion

User plane monitoring is not only important and useful for technical purposes, but can also help generate additional revenue for MNOs. The flip side of the coin is the price and complexity.

Monitoring user plane in LTE networks poses the following challenges:

  • Traffic growth/volume
  • Legal issues

Selective User Plane Monitoring from Cubro

  • Traffic filtering on user IP address
  • Traffic filtering on subscriber’s IMSI and MSISDN

Cubro’s network visibility devices can perform the above applications cost-effectively and can reduce the overall costs while enhancing the performance and efficiency for those customers who have an existing control plane monitoring solution. Several major MNOs use Cubro’s solution to add user plane monitoring capabilities and to off-load any existing control plane monitoring.

This solution allows for filtering and monitoring only specific users/devices rather than monitoring all user plane traffic in its entirety. Filtering on a particular customer in a highly loaded LTE network is both difficult and expensive, however, Cubro offers solutions that maximise return on investment. Utilizing the advanced features of the Cubro’s advanced network packet brokers and the technology in the Cubro probes, the user has a powerful solution to address these issues. Cubro offers a technically superior solution for IMSI filtering on heavily loaded networks that has a track record of customer satisfaction and reduction in the costs of monitoring.

GTP inner IP range filtering and load balancing

Cubro’s next generation network packet brokers support GTP inner IP range filtering and load balancing in hardware and at full line rate.

A simple and scalable solution to offload irrelevant traffic from the probes and reduce costs.

IMSI filtering

For detailed analysis and trouble shooting of a specific mobile user, Cubro products allow to corelate signaling and user plane of a specific mobile session. Learn more about IMSI Filtering.

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