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Cubro and Endace partner to bring total visibility to network and security operations

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Cubro is proud to join Endace’s Fusion Partner Program which provides pre-built integrations of industry-leading solutions with EndaceProbe’s powerful API to deliver higher performance, easier integration and on-demand deployment to its customers.

Organizations are now facing an unprecedented level of sophisticated attackers in a world of increasing attack vectors. Increasingly complex networks and exponential user and device growth exacerbate the issue, providing threat actors with a large, diverse attack surface and numerous opportunities to hide and establish persistence within an environment.

Endace and Cubro have joined forces to address the increasing need for complete visibility in network, security, and forensic operations. Endace’s expertise in packet capture provides forensically sound storage of raw network data which is provided by Cubro, a global leader in network visibility products.

Cubro and Endace Joint Solution Summary

Cubro’s extensive product line of TAPs and Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) collect and optimize traffic before sending it to the EndaceProbe systems. Optimization includes granular filtering, de-encapsulation of tunneled traffic (like VXLAN), deduplication, decryption, and session-aware load-balancing.

EndaceProbes provide long-term storage of network traffic for historical and forensic analysis. Endace’s Application Dock™ provides a platform for hosting software packages and tools while API integrations allow analysts to pivot from tools directly to relevant network packet data in EndaceVision™ or InvestigationManager™. This enables rapid analysis, dissection, and extraction of the raw traffic from amongst petabytes of historical network data. The ability to directly access the related packets with just a click allows the user to seamlessly establish root causes of issues leading to faster remediation, shortening attacker dwell time and reducing the risk of data breaches.


  • Eliminate network blind spots
  • Enable monitoring on high-bandwidth links
  • Meet the demands of increasing network speeds
  • Streamlined investigation workflows from other tools in your SecOp or NetOps teams with one-click access to raw packet data
  • Reduced threat exposure through better productivity and rapid investigation
  • Definitive evidence trail with an accurate record of all relevant packets

For more details about the solutions, read the joint solution briefs:
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About Endace:

Endace specializes in high-speed, scalable packet capture for cybersecurity, network and application performance. The open, EndaceProbe Analytics Platform lets customers record a 100% accurate history of activity on their network and can host network security and performance monitoring tools that need to analyze real-time or historical traffic. Endace’s Fusion Partners provide pre-built integration with the EndaceProbe platform to accelerate and streamline incident investigation and resolution. For more information see or follow Endace on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Cubro:

Cubro network visibility solutions remove network monitoring ‘blind spots’ to provide enhanced visibility and control of all data transiting a company’s network. Cubro’s solutions are instrumental in the successful outcomes of IT initiatives such as 5G/4G/3G, customer experience management and service assurance, digital transformation, data security, virtualised Data Centres and software-defined networking/NFV. For more information, please visit or follow Cubro on LinkedIn and Twitter.