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Deliver high quality user-experience by ensuring high performance network

In this dynamic time of communication, mobile network operators are continually evaluating innovative solutions both to gain a competitive edge and attract new customers. The operators can make use of unified communications and big data analytics to benefit business intelligence insights, a revolutionary trend in the industry. Cubro’s network probe is the first step in assisting operators to serve their customers better as well as generate alternate revenue streams that will enable them to excel in future ventures.

Cubro Probes are passive devices which receive network traffic from TAPs and network packet brokers (NPBs) and extract metadata. Cubro Probes can analyse and process network business and signalling in real time. The probe correlates this decoded information and generates XDRs (extended data records) which are sent to a database system where they are stored and presented by an application—typically a monitoring system. Solutions such as this enable operators to harness the explosive growth in available data and utilize it for business intelligence applications such as analysing subscriber behavior. Each Cubro Probe can be customized based on customer requirements.

  • Hardware-based solution (Cavium multi-core processor)
  • DPI, Flow monitoring, Mobile XDR
  • Low power consumption
  • High-performance, up to 120 Gbps (application dependent)
  • 1 RU form factor
  • Vendor-agnostic, works with any 3rd party presentation platform
  • UDP XDR output (dissector for Wireshark available)
  • UDP to TCP converter available for long backhaul applications

Cubro Mobile Probe Series


  • Low power 1RU chassis
  • Customizable per customer requirements
  • Supports open standards for any non-SQL databases and BI applications
  • Support any manufacturer's SFP, SFP+, or QSFP
  • Identify and analyse 1000+ applications and protocols

Cubro’s next-generation probe series improves network quality, leads to increased customer satisfaction, and can augment information security systems. Big Data will play a major role within service providers. The Cubro Probe platform generates comprehensive data records for applications such as business analytics, service assurance, business assurance, security assurance. The Probe analyses and processes user and signalling traffic in real-time. There are three products in the series offering varying performance and hardware specifications to meet each customer’s needs.

Technology Partnership with SilverEngine

To leverage the value of the network data extracted by Cubro Probe, Cubro is collaborating with SilverEngine. Silverengine provides consultancy services related to optimizing or fixing the network, understanding network and user behavior and on helping how to segment subscribers.

As an end result the operators are able to get actionable insights with the data generated by Cubro Probe. The insights include for example how to improve subscribers experience and mobile network performance using Analytics and Machine Learning techniques.

Cubro together with Silverengine offer service packages with actionable insights including:

  • Identify underperforming cells, information for Network Optimisations
  • Core NE elements issues
  • Poor performing User Equipment and Devices
  • Subscribers with poor experience, ensure VIP, high ARPU and In-bound roaming subscribers getting the service they expect
  • Suggested marketing campaigns for churn preventions and upsells

Specific service packs:

  • Example KPIs: IMS Registration Success rate, Speech quality (MOS), mute calls, dropped call rate, repeat calls
  • Use Machine Learning to find out Radio KPIs “associated” with mute calls and poor speech quality
 Mobile Broadband (MBB)
  • Example KPIs: Attach issues, APN failures, Streaming data throughput, DNS resolution issues
  • Speed test performance of subscribers e.g. Ookla
 Customer Experience Management (CEM)
  • Clustering of subscriber’s experience and forecasting
  • QoE index [0-100] for each subscriber consisting of relevant C-plane U-plane KPIs
  • Optimized QoE index model based on Machine Learning
  • Subscriber segmentation
  • Understand and learn communication patterns of different classes of IoT devices
  • Detect anomalies and outages


  • Application profiling, e.g. access patterns and protocols used
  • Application QoE
  • Improve relevant KPIs for each popular application
  • Video performance e.g. YouTube and Netflix
  • Rationale of local video or gaming cache
  • Insights on time spent on 5G vs LTE in 5G NSA deployment per subscriber
  • Performance advantage in 5G compared to LTE
  • Machine Learning used to find out relevant Radio and Backhaul KPIs associated with long RTT and low throughput

Use case for Mobility

With the insights, mobility data sales packages can be created for advertisement, commercials, real estate and traffic planning. The insights help deciding whether to open a new branch store in a specific spot or as an example where to focus infrastructure improvements based on biggest traffic jams on roads and streets 

  • Rationale for open new store branch in certain spot.
  • Identify main traffic jam roads and streets – for infrastructure improvements

Customer Benefits include better network performance, lower costs for network infrastructure, reduced subscriber churn due to better network quality and improved return on investment (ROI).

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