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Dual Media Converter

Cubro Dual Media Converter provides seamless integration of copper and fibre connections. It supports a wide variety of protocols, data rates and media types to create a more reliable and cost-effective network. Dual Media Converter supports SFP and SFP+ transceivers for flexibility.

This sophisticated device enables the implementation of an extremely wide range of optical/copper infrastructure solutions from media conversion and signal boosting to lambda conversion, Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) and Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing (OADM).

Main Features of Dual Media Converter

  • Enhanced Protocol Support – Ensures compatibility with an extensive range of protocols, data rates, and media types, bolstering network reliability and cost efficiency.
  • SFP and SFP+ Compatibility – Seamlessly integrates with SFP and SFP+ interfaces, offering flexibility and adaptability to diverse network setups.
  • Space-Efficient Design – Consolidates two independent media converters within a single chassis, optimizing rack space utilization without compromising performance.
  • Minimal Latency Does not introduce delay or jitter, ensuring seamless data transmission and responsiveness.
  • Transparent Pricing – No additional port licensing fees or software feature licensing.

Functions & Benefits of Dual Media Converter

  • Converts one media type into another media type, the most common use is optical to electrical.
  • Provides fibre-to-fibre conversion from multi-mode fibre to single mode fibre
  • Enables amplification of poor signals to work over longer distances, this is a useful option, especially in multimode fibre networks
  • Converts dual fibre to a BiDi system.
  • Converts from one CWDM/DWDM wavelength to another.
Media ConversionSelect the media by changing the SFP/SFP+. The unique design supports also CWDM / DWDM and BIDI SFP/SFP+.
Supported SFP and SFP+Ethernet 100M/1G/10G
SDH/SONET up to 10G
Fiber Channel up to 8G
Full Duplex supportYes
Zero delaySupports jumbo Ethernet frames of any size.
Layer 1 to Layer 7 transparentAll packets pass the unit without any change.
Jumbo Frame SupportThe unit is delivered in a rugged-sized metal housing.
3 Units can be installed in 1U 19 inch rack.
Rugged metal housingThe unit is delivered in a rugged-sized metal housing.
3 Units can be installed in a 1U 19-inch rack.

Operating specifications

  • Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC
  • Storage Temperature: -10ºC to 70ºC
  • Relative Humidity: 10% min, 95% max, Non-condensing

Mechanical specifications

  • Dimensions: 38 mm (H) x 168,5 mm (L) x 144 mm (W)

Electrical specifications

  • 12V DC external power supply
  • Power consumption is SFP/SFP+ dependent
  • Typical 500 mA for Gbit up to 1500 mA in 10 Gbit


  • Fully RoHS compliant
  • CE compliant
Part NumberDescription

Media Converter, up to 10Gbit, 2 Links SFP(+) to SFP(+), 1/3 19“
rackmount housing (rackmount kit not included)
CBR.RM19-3CUBRO 19“ Rackmount Kit for 3 x 1/3 19“ units
CBR.PS-12Additional AC/DC power supply

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