1. October 2021

The business case for network visibility

Network visibility solutions help organizations to meet their business and IT objectives by improving network performance, security posture, network planning, business continuity, and the ROI of network infrastructure and network tools.
20. September 2021

What has Network Traffic Filtering ever done for us?

What has network traffic filtering ever done for us
Network traffic filtering minimizes the quantity of necessary network traffic that is sent to network tools which result in network tools' effectiveness and an increase in the efficiency of the tools. This extends the lifespan of the network tools and increases the return on investment.
13. September 2021

Cubro joins Forescout Envision Partner Ecosystem supporting the defense of Enterprise of Things

Cubro Forescout Joint Solution
Cubro has recently joined Forescout technology partner eco-system. Cubro’s Visibility solution supports the Forescout mission to actively defend the Enterprise of Things by identifying, segmenting and enforcing compliance of every connected thing.
7. September 2021

Cubro joins Fortinet Open Fabric Ecosystem

Cubro Fortinet Joint Solutions
Cubro is excited to be part of the Fortinet technology ecosystem. Our joint solutions provide enhanced functionality and serviceability to Fortinet’s customers, demonstrating Cubro’s “Better Together” approach to partners. 
16. August 2021

What have Network Packet Brokers ever done for us?

A Network Packet Broker is a physical or virtual switch-like device, but unlike a network switch a Network Packet Broker does not alter the network traffic passing through it in any way unless configured to do so.
12. August 2021

Cubro achieves integration with McAfee Enterprise Network Security Platform

Cubro McAfee Joint Solution
Cubro announced today that it has achieved technical integration of their Omnia Advanced Network Packet Broker product range with McAfee Enterprise’s Network Security Platform, enabling customers to deploy more robust security solutions and better protect their assets from ever-evolving cyber threats.
5. July 2021

What has network TAP ever done for us?

What has a network TAP ever done for us - Cubro
The fundamental component of any successful visibility solution is the 100% reliable, accurate source of network traffic delivered by network TAPs used for network performance and security monitoring.
22. June 2021

What has network visibility ever done for us?

What has network visibility ever done for us
Network visibility solutions have evolved from tapping and aggregation use cases to delivering many essential use cases, which significantly contribute to organizations’ ability to retain existing customers, win new customers, manage costs, improve data security, achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.
18. May 2021

Cisco 40G & 100G BiDi Visibility for High Performance

Cisco 40Gbit and 100Gbit visibility
The Cubro BiDi TAP is fully passive, completely traffic transparent, features low insertion loss, adds no delay to live traffic and works for both 40Gbit as well as 100Gbit. The TAP is available as 1 link or 2 links version and requires only 1/3 of a U in a 19” rack.
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