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  • Cubro Bypass and the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
    For many enterprises, with extensive branch networking requirements, SD-WAN is often the first step on the SASE journey. SD-WAN implementations provide a network approach more in-line with today’s Internet-centric business models, offering compelling cost savings over traditional private networks.
  • The difference between Network Monitoring and Network Security
    The difference between network and security monitoring
    This blog focuses on the functionality comparison of network and security management. The frameworks aside, the Network and security operations teams have an ever-increasing amount of work and responsibility in taking care of the overall health, performance and security of a business.
  • Cubro Technical Support
    Technical support improving customers’ life
    Good technical support helps in reducing downtime by resolving end-user problems effectively and ultimately saving costs. Cubro has a robust team of well-trained technical experts to deal with any issue related to our products.
  • Cybernews interview with Christian Ferenz
    CyberNews: Networks that lack adequate security will always be a primary target for malicious actors
    The Cybernews team recently spoke with the CEO of Cubro Network Visibility, Christian Ferenz, who spoke about the importance of network visibility for network teams and security teams for improving the security posture of the organisation. 
  • Cubro Announces the Launch of Aggregator C32
    The Aggregator C32 replaces Cubro's AGG-32100 and offers a cutting-edge solution for environments with high densities of 100G links. This 'economy' network packet broker is ideal in environments where tools need access to links spanning bandwidth capabilities from 10G to 100G.
  • Protecting the live link in case of NPB failure with Cubro Bypass
    Optical Bypass EX400 provides live link protection in case of NPB failure
    Bypass switches are in-line devices that provide fail-safe protection for the monitoring devices deployed by the enterprise customer. They ensure no traffic on the live link is impacted. The EX400 was used by the customer to isolate the Cubro NPB and the monitoring tools connected to it.
  • Cubro Visibility Solutions for Zero Trust
    Cubro Visibility: Supporting Zero Trust Network Architectures
    Cubro Visibility products, together with Cubro security solution partners, can play a critical role in protecting enterprise computing access by continually monitoring network activity on the network to identify and remediate these new threats.
  • Why the Tolly Test Report on Custos is a must for network security and monitoring providers?
    Tolly report validates Cubro's innovative Custos solution that cost-effectively improves network performance, security posture, compliance and planning. The report demonstrates that Custos Time Window Based Monitoring is a unique solution that reduces network tool costs and increases ROI.
  • Cubro and Endace Technology Partnership
    Cubro and Endace partner to bring total visibility to network and security operations
    Endace and Cubro have partnered to address the increasing need for complete visibility in network, security, and forensic operations. Endace’s expertise in packet capture provides forensically sound storage of raw network data which is provided by Cubro, a global leader in network visibility products.
  • Cubro and Witfoo Joint Solution
    Cubro expands strategic technology partnership with Witfoo
    Cubro expands strategic technology partnership with Witfoo to enhance SecOps with enriched network data that helps the teams with security incident detection and response.
  • Network Monitoring for Higher Education
    Need of Network Monitoring in Higher Education
    The network is at the center stage in today’s education sector. A comprehensive network visibility platform offers network monitoring and security tools’ improved capabilities for detecting and remediating any security threats before they cause significant damage.
  • Cubro launches network packet brokers EXA48200 and EX48200
    Cubro Network Packet Brokers EX48200 & EXA48200 are now available for order
    In an effort to bring our customers more features and modern hardware platforms Cubro is proud to announce the EX48200 and EXA48200 Network Packet Brokers. These new products combine ultimate hardware performance with innovative higher layer application functions.
  • Cubro Ab Handshake Joint Solution
    Cubro and AB Handshake joint solution for Service Providers to reduce fraudulent voice calls
    Cubro and AB Handshake have recently collaborated to provide a joint solution to help Service Providers reduce fraudulent voice calls. The solution helps to reduce lost revenue, and improve customer, government and regulator stakeholder relationships by stopping voice fraud and robocalls.
  • Cubro's next generation network packet broker
    Next Generation Network Packet Broker based on latest P4 programmable chips
    Considering the requirements of todays’ networks like 4G/5G, Cubro has decided to launch its next-generation G5+ packet brokers which will further enhance our market position in the high-end 100G Advanced Network Packet Broker market.
  • Discover what’s new in Custos
    The latest update to Cubro’s network monitoring software, Custos, implements the functionality of Tapping and Aggregation software directly into its sleek, modern interface. The software can also function as an IPFIX & DPI enriched exporter.
  • The business case for network visibility
    Network visibility solutions help organizations to meet their business and IT objectives by improving network performance, security posture, network planning, business continuity, and the ROI of network infrastructure and network tools.
  • What has network traffic filtering ever done for us
    What has Network Traffic Filtering ever done for us?
    Network traffic filtering minimizes the quantity of necessary network traffic that is sent to network tools which result in network tools' effectiveness and an increase in the efficiency of the tools. This extends the lifespan of the network tools and increases the return on investment.
  • Cubro Forescout Joint Solution
    Cubro joins Forescout Envision Partner Ecosystem supporting the defense of Enterprise of Things
    Cubro has recently joined Forescout technology partner eco-system. Cubro’s Visibility solution supports the Forescout mission to actively defend the Enterprise of Things by identifying, segmenting and enforcing compliance of every connected thing.
  • Cubro Fortinet Joint Solutions
    Cubro joins Fortinet Open Fabric Ecosystem
    Cubro is excited to be part of the Fortinet technology ecosystem. Our joint solutions provide enhanced functionality and serviceability to Fortinet’s customers, demonstrating Cubro’s “Better Together” approach to partners. 
  • What have Network Packet Brokers ever done for us?
    A Network Packet Broker is a physical or virtual switch-like device, but unlike a network switch a Network Packet Broker does not alter the network traffic passing through it in any way unless configured to do so.
  • Cubro McAfee Joint Solution
    Cubro achieves integration with McAfee Enterprise Network Security Platform
    Cubro announced today that it has achieved technical integration of their Omnia Advanced Network Packet Broker product range with McAfee Enterprise’s Network Security Platform, enabling customers to deploy more robust security solutions and better protect their assets from ever-evolving cyber threats.
  • What has a network TAP ever done for us - Cubro
    What has network TAP ever done for us?
    The fundamental component of any successful visibility solution is the 100% reliable, accurate source of network traffic delivered by network TAPs used for network performance and security monitoring.
  • What has network visibility ever done for us
    What has network visibility ever done for us?
    Network visibility solutions have evolved from tapping and aggregation use cases to delivering many essential use cases, which significantly contribute to organizations’ ability to retain existing customers, win new customers, manage costs, improve data security, achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • What is Service Based Architecture for 5G System
    What is Service Based Architecture for 5G System
    The Service Based architecture for 5G systems represents a move towards a cloud implementation of the Core Network. Newer 5G Core Networks have been deployed using virtualised Network Elements to allow multiple Network Elements to operate using a shared underlying hardware platform.
  • Network visibility is insurance for your network
    Network Visibility is Insurance for your Network
    Every minute a critical network service, or the network itself, is down which results in lost revenue. Cubro’s line of Network Visibility and Monitoring products create the foundation for the same level of protection and risk mitigation that your company’s physical assets enjoy.
  • Cubro partners with Polystar to deliver 5G network and services solution to Hi3G
    Recently, Cubro partnered with Polystar to offer an integrated 5G network and services solution to Hi3G. Cubro and Polystar have delivered Hi3G a scalable and advanced network monitoring platform that caters to the increased demands of the NFVI and 5GC infrastructure.
  • A Visionary Leader - Christian Ferenz, CEO, Cubro
    CEO & Founder with Visionary Leadership
    Cubro has shown a remarkable growth year after year since it was founded in 2003. It wouldn’t have been possible without the visionary leadership of Christian Ferenz, CEO of Cubro. The reason for the continuous success is the business advantage to our customers which we offer by developing innovative solutions.
  • Why network visibility is critical for security
    Why network visibility is critical for security
    You can only secure what you can see – network visibility is essential for security. Omnia, the latest network visibility device from Cubro, can be configured as a network security appliance with an integrated network TAP and Packet Broker by installing the appropriate software application.
  • Why network visibility is essential for successful Digital Transformation outcomes?
    NPB technology can help businesses and organizations to significantly reduce the risk of not achieving or delaying a successful digital transformation outcome to help them increase their revenue, profitability and share value.
  • Value of network visibility solutions
    The value of network visibility solutions for today’s Service Provider and Enterprises
    Network visibility technology has been deployed by Service Providers and Enterprises for the last 15 years or so and remains as important to a successful business and IT outcomes today as it was then. The use cases for visibility technology have developed as networks have changed and are now able to provide new, incremental value to organizations. The blog examines the value of visibility solutions and the reasons why they are essential for the success of contemporary IT initiatives and business outcomes.
  • Cubro EXA8 for Open Source Projects
    EXA8 for Open Source Projects
    Cubro hosted the Elevate the EXA8 contest shortly after release to offer the open-source community a chance to develop unique applications on the EXA8 hardware. The final submissions to the contest highlight the diverse capabilities of the EXA8 and the ingenuity of the open-source community.
  • Cubro DPI Approach for Telecommunication
    Deep Packet Inspection in Telecommunication
    Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a technology that enables the network owner to analyse internet traffic, through the network, in real-time and to differentiate them according to their payload. DPI is often used for understanding the performance or behaviour of subscribers, which applications they use, how often etc. This helps operators to focus on improving service for important applications.
  • Security hygiene for remote workers part 3
    Security Hygiene for Remote Workers: Part 4
    In the previous installment we secured our Wi-Fi and discussed segmenting our network to the best of our ability. All this work will be for naught, however, if we allow malicious software in through our own actions. In this final installment we will examine user behaviour and review known avenues of exploits relative to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • The Wireless Network and Segmentation
    Security Hygiene for Remote Workers: Part 3
    In this section, we will turn our attention to the wireless portion of the home network because restricting access to our network from the outside world does little good if a bad actor can gain access to our LAN. When setting up our Wi-Fi we absolutely want to be using WPA2 with PSK at a minimum (That’s Wireless Protected Access 2 with Pre-Shared Key).
  • Sensitive Data and Work Compputer
    Security Hygiene for Remote Workers: Part 2
    In the previous article, we discussed what we can do to protect sensitive data while working remotely as well as good practices to secure our computer systems against malware and exploits. In this section, we will take a look at what could be the most neglected piece of equipment in your home network: your router.
  • blog-pic_Security-Hygiene-Remote-Workers_system_blog
    Security Hygiene for Remote Workers – Part 1
    With the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus, responsible for COVID-19, an unprecedented number of people have found themselves working remotely. This brings a lot of new challenges to bear, not the least of which is simply putting together a workspace in the home. Unfortunately, a remote worker’s considerations shouldn’t end at simply gathering the tools to work remotely. It is very important during this time to be conscious of security practices regarding your computing habits and home network.
  • Empower yourself with the right tools; take control of your network
    Control What You Can and Acknowledge What Is Beyond Control
    It seems we are constantly dealing with natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, and economic crisis. While these are situations that are, quite simply, beyond anyone’s control one can and should be prepared for a variety of circumstances to the best of their ability. The good news is we almost always have far more control to correct the issues related to the network. With regards to day to day operation, the right tools can assist you in accelerating troubleshooting, improving security, and optimizing efficiency.
  • IOT-Based Geolocation Tracking without GPS
    Using Cubro probes and geolocation technology, every user can be tracked by location, in near real-time. This is done by triangulating the signal of a tracking device.
  • Next generation NPB for Cubro
    What “Next Generation Network Packet Broker” Means to Cubro
    With virtualized environments we have many more endpoints, often interconnected via complex tunnelling protocols, in a dynamic and rapidly changing topology. Cubro addresses this need in our Next Gen NPBs with support for numerous tunnelling protocols including MPLS, MPLS over UDP, GRE, NVGRE, VXLAN, and GTP. Support for these is not limited to merely stripping tunnel headers, rather, our Next Gen NPBs can also serve as tunnel endpoints and filter inside the tunnels while leaving the tunnel headers intact.
  • EXA32100 VXLAN Termination – To Save Your Sanity!
    Using Cubro EXA32100, the customer can reduce business costs by making the team more productive. The service provider can save money because it needs to spend less on the cost of network operators.
  • Network Packet Brokers and Encapsulated Traffic – Part 1
    Encapsulation, tagging, or labeling network traffic is a necessity in all but the simplest of modern networks. Whether it is simply VLAN tagging to isolate broadcast domains, building complex overlay networks, or segmenting virtual traffic.
  • The downside of virtual probing approach in mobile networks
    For probes to get the relevant traffic, it needs smart network visibility solution which we offer at Cubro. In legacy networks, we use network TAPs, aggregators, NPB "network packet brokers" to feed the relevant data to the probe …
  • How to improve enterprise network visibility
    Network requirements are constantly changing in enterprises. The network goal of every enterprise is to be more efficient and cost-effective while embracing the changes. There are several network visibility solutions/vendors available in the market …
  • The Year in Pictures
    Another year coming to an end! With a presence in every region of the world, we have a truly global footprint that gives us a significant competitive advantage. We have been recognized by some of the highly acclaimed magazines and research organisations …
  • Introductory Guide to Network Packet Brokers
    An introductory guide into What is a network packet broker and what does it offer …
  • Network Visibility Solutions for 40Gbit and 100Gbit
    Network Visibility Solutions for 40Gbit and 100Gbit - Cubro offers optical TAPs, copper TAPs and aggregator TAPs which are designed to enable flawless in-line monitoring of 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G networks …
  • Network Visibility for Healthcare Organisations
    Network Visibility for Healthcare Organisations
    Network Visibility for Healthcare Organisations - Medical institutions need real-time network visibility to protect their sensitive patient data and maximise network performance …
  • Deciding which Network TAP to purchase for total network visibility
    Deciding which Network TAP to purchase for total network visibility
    Which Network Tap is best for Network Visibility - Network TAPs (Test Access Points) are the absolute best way to gain access to network traffic, whether that be for network visibility solutions, network monitoring infrastructure, …
  • How to select the right network packet broker vendor
    Cubro's G5 network packet brokers offer superior performance at the same price as any other network packet broker and offer loads of advanced features which are not available on any network packet brokers in the market …
  • Metadata is the key to the big data
    Metadata is the key to the big data
    The business goal of every communication service provider (CSP) is to monetise infrastructure investments, improve the customer experience and develop business models which would enable them to generate additional revenue …
  • Advanced Network Packet Brokers for L7 Application
    Network Packet Brokers aggregate and filter data to monitoring tools. A reliable, high-performance network packet broker can perform thousands of filters without performance leaks. Most of the fields up to the layer 4 header can be used as a filter match…
  • Network Visibility for Data Centers
    All businesses that need monitoring require the deployment of a specialised Intelligent Network Packet Monitoring solution, a Network Packet Broker (NPB). Cubro's Sessionmaster offers the ability to monitor network-only functions, as well as to monitor …
  • The True Cost of Network Outages for Businesses
    Today, enterprises and carriers with large, complex networks often find it overwhelming to manage their networks to minimise outages and performance issues. All data centres and […]
  • Top 8 Advantages of Deploying Cubro Devices
    Top 8 Advantages of Deploying Cubro Network Visibility Devices - Take a look to see how we help enterprises manage their networks with minimum outages and performance issues …
  • Why do you need GTP Load Balancing?
    Why do you need GTP Load Balancing - Cubro's solution to balance the load based on the inner user IP …
  • Are Network Packet Brokers a Commodity Product?
    Is there such a thing of using a commodity product instead of a real network packet broker (NPB)? We don't think so – and neither should you! …
  • Advance buffer mechanism on EXA32100
    A significant function of Network Packet Brokers is aggregation. Often people think that aggregation is a simple task in packet brokering but actually, it is the most challenging part because everything must be done in real time …
  • The cutting-edge technology in Cubro’s newest Network Packet Brokers
    Cubro's newest network packet brokers (G5) can support layer 2 until layer 5 …
  • Three reasons why a commodity switch is not a network packet broker
    Providing effective and efficient pervasive visibility is becoming more difficult is because the IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly more complex. Today's changing networks must not only support ever-increasing traffic volumes, …
  • Top 3 reasons to deploy Cubro’s OPTOSLIM Network TAPs
      Recently our team deployed OPTOSLIM Network TAPs at a communication service provider in South East Asia. The customer wanted a solution which could passively monitor […]
  • Cubro’s network packet broker evolution
    Cubro's Sessionmasters EXA32100 and EXA48600 are the first NPBs in the market with P4 support.
  • Keyword and Regular Expressions Search
    Keyword and regular expressions (Regex) search can be used as an easily adjustable form of deep packet inspection (DPI). This application allows the filtering engine to look deeper into packets. …
  • 5 ways network visibility will impact enterprises
    External Security, Internal Security, Fraud, Internal network performance, SLA to third party providers …
  • 5 Things that your network visibility vendor might not tell you
    Getting the right network visibility architecture might be a daunting experience for the consumer because of the wide range of features, performance parameters, costs, etc which are part of the decision-making process …
  • Cubro’s Customer First Culture
    Meeting customer's need is our primary goal. Our business strives to build healthy relationships with our consumers by identifying their needs and providing the best-possible experience to its customers.
  • A day in the life of CFO…
    The role of a Chief Financial Officer is quite challenging and if it is combined with heading the day to day company operations then it can mean working round the clock.
  • A day in the life of CEO…
    ​A typical morning at work for Christian starts with a conversation with employees or partners …