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Technical support improving customers’ life

  • 3 min read

“To the customer, you are the company”, tells how customers are thinking about technical support and how our own support sees their role.

Cubro’s products are known to have a rich feature set and to provide good value for money, but the real differentiator is Cubro’s superior technical support. Cubro has always focused on being customer-centric and being a vendor of networking devices, technical support has played a crucial role in making satisfied customers.

When a customer chooses products, they do not just buy the physical device, but also have the expectation of post-sales support, to make the continuing use of the product simple. Post-sales support includes assistance with possible deployment issues, troubleshooting and fixing any hardware or software issue, providing updates on software, and overall making sure that the product fits in the customer’s environment and provides or exceeds the value it was supposed to have. 

Role of Cubro’s technical team

Often customers concentrate on technology, features, and price when choosing a product. To ensure that the sales process leads to a long-lasting satisfying outcome, where both parties understand what is sold and bought, the technical support at Cubro attends the sales calls and understands the project and technical deployment details. After the purchase decision, the product support includes everything that can help maximize customer satisfaction by making sure the product works as expected.

Good technical support helps in reducing downtime by resolving end-user problems effectively and ultimately saving costs. Cubro has a robust team of well-trained technical experts to deal with any issue related to our products. At times, the technical deployment can be complex and can lead to frustration if the results are not as expected. In such cases, Cubro’s support team proves its value by solving the problems. We have repeatedly received positive feedback from the customers for our excellent technical support.

Herbert Etlinger from Cubro

Our values and mission are what drive our team’s performance. Reliability and being customer-centric are two important values for our company since its inception and are truly ingrained in the way we do our business. We have been able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors due to our exceptional technical support besides our superior product offerings”, says Herbert Etlinger, Head of Support.

What makes Cubro’s technical support different

Cubro Support Team

Cubro’s in-house technical support is involved in every aspect of product development. Cubro makes sure that everyone in the technical team gets regular training about the new products and features and is able to assess each support ticket before replying to the customers. Since it is impossible to eliminate support requests, our team is constantly working towards minimizing the time to resolve a ticket. Customers will always get an answer directly from an expert without going through several levels of the organization. The result is reduced downtime for the customer.

Our direct interaction with customers also plays a role in our constant innovation. We listen to our customers and based on feedback, we make product improvements, create new products, update documentation, add support material and make our best to have always satisfied customers.