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Creating a Stable and Reliable Network

Data centres need a cross-connect to ensure high-performance, network reliability, and low-latency. Traffic comes from several endpoints and for secure transfer of traffic, it is a requirement to have centralized management.


Cross Connect Solution for a Robust Network

The cross-connect is bidirectional; packets received on the first interface are transmitted out the second interface and those received on the second interface are transmitted out the first interface.

The EXA32100A/AGG32100 are connected over 4 x 100 Gbit to one EXA64100 to build a 500 port 10 Gbit cross-connect.

  • The connection is layer 2 transparent
  • To ensure full control and secure transfer all traffic is transported via VXLAN tunnels across the system
  • At the output, the VXLAN tunnel is terminated

100 Gbit Port Cross-Connect Full Mesh

  • In this application 6 EXA32100As are connected to a fully meshed cross-connect with 162 available 100 Gbit ports (27 per box).
  • The interconnection between the devices can be done with one, two, or more links depending on the required bandwidth.

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