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Packet Slicing at 100 Gbit Line Rate

Maximising Performance of Monitoring Tools

Organisations find it difficult to have full visibility in this dynamic environment. The existing monitoring tools are not able to cope with the rapid growth of network traffic. How can organisations maximise the performance of current monitoring tools and reduce costs?

Packet Slicing to Reduce Monitoring Costs

Cubro offers the option for packet slicing with CRC recalculation on multiple 100 Gbit of traffic per unit. The EXA32100A supports packet slicing at line rate on all 100 Gbit interfaces simultaneously. There are three options for where to slice the packet – 64, 128 and 192 bytes. This feature can be configured on any output port and supports dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6.

By removing payload data from packets and leaving only the header information, the network packet broker can send more data across a given link to the tool. The tool receives more condensed network data for analysis, increasing efficiency and utilization. The significant advantage of packet slicing at such a high level of performance is to get the maximum throughput out of your monitoring tools. This application reduces the load by a factor of 10 which implies that a 100 Gbit tool can handle 1 Tbit of traffic. Another benefit is that this is done in the silicon and not on an attached CPU because, unlike a CPU-based solution, this is deterministic and prevents jitter and packet drop.

Another benefit of packet slicing is in regulatory compliance. Removing confidential data like passwords, financial accounts, or media data at the point of capture, reduces your chance of a privacy breach.


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