Environmental Sustainability

Reducing the ecological footprints

The data centre industry is responsible for three per cent of global power consumption. According to the research, data centres account for about two per cent of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide. Energy usage by data centers is expected to rise in the next few years and could surpass more than 10 percent of the global electricity supply by 2030.

Therefore, just like any other enterprise or community, data centers have an obligation to commit to reducing the impact on the environment. Since Cubro’s products are a component of data center infrastructure, we are committed to minimizing environmental footprint. Being part of the technology sector, we believe it is our obligation to adhere to environmentally sustainable business practice including reducing power consumption and devising short term and long term plans to improve our sustainability efforts.

We are extremely proud of our heritage as an Austrian based company. Austria has been a pioneer for the preservation and sustainability of the natural environment ever since the 19th century when it established the first University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna in 1872. Over the years, Austria has been a world leader in clean energy technologies, water management and waste management as well as eco-efficient construction. As a company with its roots in Austria, we are determined to play our role in being socially responsible. As a first step towards achieving this, we are transforming our company culture and implementing sustainable business practices to reduce environmental impact.

Cover of Cubro's Environmental Sustainable policy

We have ISO 14001:2015 certification that confirms we have built an effective environmental management system into both our strategic business plan and also our day-to-day operations. 

Cubro's Green Initiatives

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Acting responsibly

Cubro takes responsible business actions to reduce our carbon footprint. One such initiative includes designing our power supplies to be interchangeable. The same model can be used for different devices. This improves our resource efficiency and cuts down on the material used in making extra supplies.

We have also made a conscious decision to hire local teams for professional services which reduce our flight kilometres for professional services. As a next step, we are working on building our technical resources like training seminars and explanation videos which will result in less global travel of our technical staff and foster sustainability in the long run.

Sustainable development

Cubro encourages product development aimed at alleviating negative impact on the environment. Our products are designed to offer increased functionality and ease of use, longer life spans and lower environmental impacts.

Cubro products are modular, scaleable with standard dimensions which allow the customers to use existing rack space. We also provide customers with the option of buying accessories, such as SFPs, cable cords, etc., which might be required with the products but do not include them in the package which eliminates wastage if the customer already has these accessories or does not require them. By not adding extra items, we also contribute to reducing carbon footprint. Our technical expert team is actively involved in customer site design and is able to re-evaluate the customer requirement accurately which results in preventing them from buying unnecessary devices which may not be required.

Thinking smart, thinking green

In 2020, Cubro introduced our Omnia Series of integrated, multi function visibility products. Omnia Series is a lineup of purpose-driven hardware with units covering applications of 10Gbps up to multi-100Gbps performance paired with feature stacks developed over years of experience and engineering. This approach offers customers greater choice and increased functionality.

Omnia combines the capabilities of network TAPs, Advanced Network Packet Brokers with high-performance multicore CPUs which can host numerous first-party and third-party software applications, including those from partners and the open-source community. As a result, network TAPs, aggregation, filtering, packet capture, IPFIX/metadata generation and NPB capabilities can all be provided in a 1U size appliance.

By integrating several features in a single device we are able to reduce complexity and offer a solution for our value driven, as well as purpose driven, consumers. This powerful and versatile device can replace several other network visibility devices which results in less rack space, cooling and power consumption, and reduces environmental impact compared to alternative multi component solutions.

Sparing the watt for a brighter future

Carbon emissions mainly come from power consumption. During the lifecycle of our product, we take an active interest in assessing the power consumption of our products and considering technologies to reduce carbon footprint. We constantly innovate to keep up with the changes in technology and provide solutions to the customers which can add value by reducing the number of devices. This results in energy and resource efficiency and minimizes carbon footprint. Our latest product, Omnia Series, is an example of this initiative.

Built to last - Longer product life circle

Cubro products have a longer lifespan. A long lifespan for products allows energy savings and promotes sustainable consumer behaviour. We understand that products that have a shorter life cycle and are replaced quickly and increase pressure on resources. Our devices are designed keeping in mind the longer lifecycle, upgradability and interoperability with existing products in the data center. We have been able to achieve this by assessing product durability before it is released in the market. Our original network TAPs, which were developed in 2004, are still deployed by some of our customers.

Sustainable Solutions

Cubro is committed to delivering high-quality network visibility solutions to our customers which truly extend the life of 3rd party network monitoring, security and analytics tools. Our products filter out unnecessary traffic and duplicate packets not needed by the tools that otherwise the network tools would receive and have to unnecessarily analyse. This capability means that  the loading on the network tools is reduced which decreases the initial footprint of the tools, decreases their rate of required capacity growth, and extends their lifespan to reduce the need and frequency for replacement with new network tools.