Environmental Sustainability

Reducing the ecological footprints

The data centre industry is responsible for three per cent of global power consumption. According to the research, data centres account for about two per cent of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide. Energy usage by data centers is expected to rise in the next few years and could surpass more than 10 percent of the global electricity supply by 2030.

Therefore, just like any other enterprise or community, data centers have an obligation to commit to reducing the impact on the environment. Since Cubro’s products are a component of data center infrastructure, we are committed to minimizing environmental footprint. Being part of the technology sector, we believe it is our obligation to adhere to environmentally sustainable business practice including reducing power consumption and devising short term and long term plans to improve our sustainability efforts.

We are extremely proud of our heritage as an Austrian based company. Austria has been a pioneer for the preservation and sustainability of the natural environment ever since the 19th century when it established the first University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna in 1872. Over the years, Austria has been a world leader in clean energy technologies, water management and waste management as well as eco-efficient construction. As a company with its roots in Austria, we are determined to play our role in being socially responsible. As a first step towards achieving this, we are transforming our company culture and implementing sustainable business practices to reduce environmental impact.

We have ISO 14001:2015 and IS0 50001:2018 certifications that confirms we have built an effective environmental management system into both our strategic business plan and also our day-to-day operations. The ISO 50001:2018 certification has brought us one step closer to reducing our impact on the environment.

Cubro's Green Initiatives