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The Omnia series leverages Cubro’s experience in Network Visibility and Monitoring, creating a lineup of purpose-driven hardware paired with software feature stacks developed over years of engineering. This approach offers customers greater choice, functionality, and flexibility to tailor features to a specific need. 
Every branch of the Omnia Solution Suite is designed to help mitigate these issues by offering hardware appliances that are low power and efficient with rack space while also being able to perform multiple functions, potentially reducing operational costs and conserving rack space. The ultimate complete picture can be achieved by combining every sub-solution and correlating existing information to increase business revenue within a short time. 
Explore our three specialized sub-solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of modern communication services.

Omnia QM (Quality Management)

Cubro’s cutting-edge metadata generation solution significantly reduces hardware footprint within customer data repositories across data lakes, data warehouses, and databases. Our innovative CDR solution is designed to optimize data volume, achieving remarkable ratios, in some instances, up to an impressive 1000:1.

Omnia MA (Measurement Appliance)

Cubro enhances digital experiences through round-trip time measurement, determining the duration for a data packet to traverse from the service provider network to the subscriber’s end device and back. Cubro offers round-trip time measurement by calculating the time a data packet needs to travel from the service provider network to the subscriber’s end device and back. This mechanism excludes the unpredictable service response time of the World Wide Web and provides the real inner delay KPI. 

A positive digital experience, facilitated by adequate bandwidth, leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Conversely, a poor online experience due to slow connectivity can drive customers away. Network Bandwidth is a fundamental factor in shaping the digital customer experience. Therefore, it is vital for businesses and service providers to invest in high-capacity networks to meet customer demands for fast, reliable, and responsive online interactions.

Omnia SEC (Security)

Cubro’s specialized solution elevates application and subscriber-aware filtering to another level. It is tailored to optimize cybersecurity feeds for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and specifically tackles the central challenge of reducing traffic to enhance cybersecurity measures. Our effective and resilient approach transforms data management, ensuring efficiency without compromising resources. It provides a scalable solution adept at managing extensive traffic volumes, reaching several terabits per second (Tbps).

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