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IT Service Insights and Visibility with Custos

  • 3 min read

A popular expression states, “You sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees.” It occurs when you are too close to a situation. You need to step back and get a little perspective. Doing so, you will notice an entire forest you couldn’t see before because you were too close — focusing on the trees. You are simply looking at the many details and have failed to see the overall view or key point.

IT and network managers often have various network tools that give them impressive graphs of “key performance indicators”, but these tools often don’t give a basic understanding of “is my network and applications providing the services that my users need”.

Dealing with a common problem with the non-availability of an application can be time intensive because the IT support would go through a tedious process of asking a series of questions to find the root cause. There are enough solutions that monitor network elements, but solutions that tell “whether service is working or not” are rare, too complex and expensive.

Cubro’s Custos network monitor with its SLICtm dashboard solves this problem. The Custos Network sensor provides a deep understanding of all activity on the network. This information is condensed and normalized and then input into sophisticated rules and correlation engine, where Custos data can be combined with feeds from other tools to provide a clear overview of the “forest rather than the trees”.


In addition to the at-a-glance overview of enterprise critical success factors, the SLICtm dashboard provides the detailed drill-down capability for further analysis, planning, or troubleshooting. This high-level view then makes the use of existing network tools more effective because the analyst now knows where to look. 


End-user value 

  • Save time and resources to find network related issues
  • Improve end user experience with proactive monitoring
  • Increase efficiency of limited IT resources
  • Reduce time to solve network problems
  • Improve network management and network performance

About Cubro

Cubro have been in the tapping and NPB business for two decades and have a deep understanding of the network traffic on packet level. Cubro network visibility solutions remove network monitoring ‘blind spots’ to provide enhanced visibility and control of all data transiting a company’s network. We deliver unrivalled solutions to Service Providers and Enterprises in both the private and public sector.

Please contact to request a demonstration of these exciting capabilities and discuss how Custos can ensure that your IT staff sees the “big picture”.