22. January 2020

The Benefits of Network Automation

Benefits of Network Automation
Network Automation is an enduring trend in our industry because networks are becoming larger and more complex. Cubro is formally announcing the concept of Visibility Automation! Cubro’s automation uses several network metadata sources, from in-band telemetry to DPI, that are correlated within the Cubro controller to generate a dynamic picture of the network and follow network changes automatically.
7. January 2020

What “Next Generation Network Packet Broker” Means to Cubro

Next generation NPB for Cubro
With virtualized environments we have many more endpoints, often interconnected via complex tunnelling protocols, in a dynamic and rapidly changing topology. Cubro addresses this need in our Next Gen NPBs with support for numerous tunnelling protocols including MPLS, MPLS over UDP, GRE, NVGRE, VXLAN, and GTP. Support for these is not limited to merely stripping tunnel headers, rather, our Next Gen NPBs can also serve as tunnel endpoints and filter inside the tunnels while leaving the tunnel headers intact.
5. December 2019

Cubro’s new support portal promises a faster workflow

Cubro's New Support Portal
Cubro has recently launched the new improved online customer support portal. The new support portal is a completely new design with up to date styling and additional features. The enhanced design will allow for a faster workflow for customers and support agents.
28. November 2019

Announcing the newest feature of the EXA32100: MPLS over UDP Header Stripping

Cubro has further enhanced its flagship EXA32100 Advanced Packet Broker. With the latest software release, the EXA32100 is able to remove MPLS over UDP tunnels from incoming packets. Thus, users can continue using existing monitoring tools and traffic analysis systems that do not support MPLS over UDP in modern overlay network architectures.
18. November 2019

Cubro launches Japanese Website

Cubro Japanese Website
Cubro has launched the beta version of its Japanese website, which further shows our commitment to this market. By providing content in the local language, we would like to go the extra mile to show our customers that our brand speaks their language, quite literally.
7. November 2019

LTE GTP Load Balancing with Cubro Advanced NPB

With the growth in end-user needs for high bandwidth due to Netflix, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, etc, there is a demand for much-sophisticated network management and monitoring of the traffic. An efficient load balancing (LB) can only be done with one powerful entity based on a deterministic identifier. Any solution based on additional meta-information will fail because a meta-information had to be computed and there is no error-free algorithm.
28. October 2019

Should a Visibility Vendor enter the Security space?

Some network visibility vendors are now moving in the security space. Is it the right move considering the fact that when you deal with the security space, you are not dealing with layers but with the content of the network?
15. October 2019

Success Story: Power of Open Source for Elevating Cubro EXA8

In this post, we want to show an example of how we, at Cubro along with our partner QXIP, have used the power of Open-source software to elevate the EXA8 to the product it is today.
23. September 2019

EXA32100 VXLAN Termination – To Save Your Sanity!

Using Cubro EXA32100, the customer can reduce business costs by making the team more productive. The service provider can save money because it needs to spend less on the cost of network operators.
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