Protocol Stripping

The Challenge

Often visibility into network traffic requires that various Layer 2 protocol headers (e.g. VLAN, MPLS, GRE, VXLAN, NVGRE, GENEVE etc.) are removed from network traffic before it is sent to analysis, monitoring, or security tools. The reason for this is often that some or all tools can simply not decode or interpret traffic encapsulated inside of said protocol.

The Solution From Cubro

All Cubro Network Packet Brokers support the ability to strip protocol headers, to varying degrees, from network traffic. All EX Packetmaster NPBs support the ability to strip VLAN tags and MPLS labels from traffic and can additionally function as GRE endpoints serving to both create and terminate GRE tunnels. Beside these Cubro Packetmasters and Sessionmasters also support de-encapsulation of:

  • GTP

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