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SIP & RTP Filtering

Improving User Experience while Lowering the Cost of Monitoring

Many business executives share important information over VoIP and therefore you want to keep your VoIP network safe. Enterprise VoIP customers and service providers are vulnerable to many inherent security risks compared to the traditional telephone and cellular services. These security issues are the biggest threats.

Whether it is providing customer service or engaging in a sales call, your business depends upon being able to deliver on the high-expectations your customers have for voice service. Dropped calls, dropped packets, one-way audio, and latency can severely affect customer experience and have a long-term effect on brand reputation.

Enterprise customers also have to deal with issues related to service disruption, subscriber impersonation, and toll fraud. Resolving disputes and restoring service to employees who are victims of such attacks sap resources and adversely affect productivity.

SIP and RTP Filtering Solution from Cubro

Network visibility can help enterprises sift through network traffic and detect these threats. Deep visibility into content in real-time can help enterprises prevent such intrusions.

SIP is the signalling part of VoIP, responsible for call setup. Usually, SIP runs on port 5060. Every Cubro Packetmaster can be used as an OSI Layer 4 Port filter to filter out SIP traffic. RTP is the user-plane which is usually speech. RTP is characterised as a UDP service running on Layer 4 Port numbers that have been agreed upon during call setup using SIP. In order to allow for full call correlation, SIP messages need to be analysed in real-time, and the relevant RTP of a call needs to be determined.

The below image shows how the Cubro Advanced Network Packet Broker analyses the SIP Invite message and finds all other SIP messages and also RTP packets of this specific call.

Business Benefits of VOIP Correlation

Delivering flawless VoIP call quality requires complete visibility into traffic in real time. Using Cubro devices, you can offload existing monitoring tools from unneeded traffic. The Cubro devices capture/analyse only the data relevant to the application; thus lowering the cost of monitoring tools. These advanced products can be combined with any other Cubro network visibility solution to cover all monitoring aspects of full network infrastructure. With our solutions you spend less time and money in troubleshooting VoIP related issues and instead utilize time to focus on your core business.

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