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Innovative Network Traffic Management Solution

Cubro delivers innovative solutions which will assist you in bringing your network performance and security monitoring efforts to their peak level. Our network visibility solutions help to unlock valuable insights into your network traffic.

We are a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of network visibility products like Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers, Bypass and Probes that provide network monitoring, security and analytics visibility solutions for Service Provider and Enterprise organizations.

Foundation of network architecture

The value Cubro provides

Our solutions help our customers to

Retain existing and
win new customers

Manage costs &
increase ROI

Protect data and
shareholder value

Achieve regulatory

Improve business
operational flexibility

We make IT happen by

Reducing the cost
of network monitoring

Improving Telecom and
IT network uptime

Boosting the quality of
service and SLA management

Enhancing network security
and business continuity

Improving speed & flexibility
of assets’ deployment

Tailored Solutions for Your Business Needs

Service Providers

Cubro’s solutions enable Service Providers to optimize revenue and manage costs in a competitive market. Enhance network service uptime, quality, and security across 3G/4G/5G networks, virtual networks, and fixed-line and wireless voice/data networks.


From small businesses to large enterprises, Cubro helps maintain competitive advantage by improving agility and resilience. Our solutions address network monitoring and security challenges, ensuring improved performance and regulatory compliance.

Data Centers

Cubro’s innovative solutions empower data centres to sustainably meet increasing performance demands. They also enable full network visibility across cloud, virtual, and on-premise environments, enhancing reliability, security, and capacity management.

Government Organisations

Cubro supports government organisations worldwide in delivering cost-effective public services. Our solutions enhance network performance, security, and compliance while minimizing operational costs and environmental impact.

What’s new at Cubro

Our Technology Partners

We are trusted by world’s leading companies

Vodafone is excited to partner with Cubro to enhance our network visibility. Cubro’s innovative solutions will enable us to optimise our network infrastructure, ensuring top-tier network performance, security and operational efficiency.

Vassilis Likourgiotis, Head of Customer & Performance Management department at Vodafone.

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