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Solutions for Government Organisations

Government organizations are continually driven to deliver better public services at increasingly lower costs while maintaining regulatory compliance and improving resources’ sustainability. Digital first digital transformation strategies are being deployed to achieve those objectives and to increase the number of IT projects that deliver successful outcomes.

Digital transformation initiatives introduce new network blind spots

Digital transformation can include a combination of multiple network domains, including on-premise, and public and private cloud, to deliver services to internal service users as well as external public users. Multiple technologies from multiple vendors are often deployed to deliver the best commercial and technical solutions but they  increase the challenge to successfully deliver reliable and secure services. Digital transformation also increases the organization’s reliance on the network and at the same time introduces new incremental network blind spots and security attack vectors that increase the risk of network performance, security and planning threats.

Remove blind spots to improve network performance, security and planning

Complete network visibility across all network domains is critical for their successful performance, security and planning as well as supporting the successful deployment and operation of digital transformation projects to deliver services.

Cubro’s solutions remove network blind-spots to reduce the risk of network performance and planning threats, strengthen network security posture, and improve network availability and business continuity.

Advantages of our Solutions

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