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Solutions for Enterprises

Enterprises operate in increasingly competitive domestic and global markets and have to continually evolve their IT services and networks to maintain their competitive advantage.

Network uptime and quality of service, network security and the speed and flexibility to deploy IT assets are capabilities required to help Enterprises retain existing customers, win new customers, manage their costs, protect data and shareholder value, achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, and respond quickly to changing business conditions.

Network Infrastructure – backbone of an enterprise

Digital transformation, enhanced data security, virtualized data centres and software defined networking are IT initiatives that are being deployed to deliver those operational capabilities and subsequent business objectives.

The successful outcome of these initiatives are essential for the future competitive advantage of many organizations but increase the reliance of the success of the business on the network. This increases the risk of network performance and security problems by introducing new, incremental network blind spots and security attack vectors.

Reliable and Secure Networks

Enterprises need to be able to monitor and manage their networks to reliably deliver the required service levels and network security posture, quickly deploy IT assets while managing costs.

Cubro’s solutions are able to remove network blind spots and deliver network traffic to network monitoring, security and analytics tools to improve network performance and availability, network security posture, and network planning. Load balancing and in-line automated bypass and restore capabilities also help to improve business continuity, network availability, and network security posture.

High Availability Solutions

Network traffic can be load-balanced across multiple network tools or connections so that if a tool or connection is out of service, the remaining tools or connections continue to deliver the service. Additionally, when connected in line with a (typically) network security tool, the Cubro Bypass Switch can automatically detect when the tool is out of service. If a network security tool is out of service, the Cubro product can automatically steer the network traffic to an alternative network security tool for analysis. It will then automatically detect when the out of service network security tool is restored to service and steer the traffic through the original tool again. Network security posture and network availability is maintained and increased operational flexibility provided for network security tools’ maintenance and upgrades.

Advantages of our Solutions

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