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Driving Business Success: The Impact of Cubro’s CDR Solution on Customer Retention, ARPU, and Energy Efficiency

  • 2 min read

As the world becomes more connected, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) struggle to keep up with the ever-increasing network traffic and customer expectations. In such an environment, traditional network monitoring solutions are less effective because they fail to provide a complete picture of network activity. Cubro’s unique CDR solution, however, is changing the game by delivering all of the relevant network traffic to CSPs’ existing data lakes and network monitoring systems but with a substantially reduced equipment footprint compared to alternative solutions.

The Problem: Rising Cost of User Plane Monitoring Costs 

User plane monitoring is essential for CSPs to ensure the quality of their network services, identify and troubleshoot network issues, and proactively manage customer problems. However, as network traffic volume grows, so do the costs associated with monitoring that traffic. CSPs must invest heavily in equipment and energy costs to handle the increased volume of network traffic. Moreover, the cost of storing and managing the resulting data is significant, which adds to the overall cost of monitoring. The inability to proactively manage customer problems leads to increased customer churn, lower Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), and poor customer service.

Infographic lower network monitoring footprint

The Solution: Cubro’s CDR Solution

Cubro’s CDR solution addresses these problems by delivering all relevant network traffic to CSPs’ existing data lakes and network monitoring systems with 60% lower equipment and energy costs and 70%-80% lower data storage costs compared to other approaches. The result is the lowest CAPEX and OPEX solution cost per Gbps in the market today.

The Outcome: Improved Customer Service and Reduced Costs

By implementing Cubro’s CDR solution, the CSP was able to meet its business objectives of reducing customer churn and increasing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). The ability to proactively manage customer problems with reduced network user plane monitoring costs in an environment of ongoing significant network traffic volume growth and increasing customer expectations led to improved customer service. Moreover, the 70-80% lower data storage costs compared to alternative solutions allowed the CSP to reduce its overall operating expenses, leading to substantial cost savings.

By doing so, CSPs can reduce costs, improve customer service, and stay competitive in the ever-changing world of network communication.