Network Technology Trends

  • Cubro Visibility Solutions for Zero Trust
    Cubro Visibility: Supporting Zero Trust Network Architectures
    Cubro Visibility products, together with Cubro security solution partners, can play a critical role in protecting enterprise computing access by continually monitoring network activity on the network to identify and remediate these new threats.
  • What is Service Based Architecture for 5G System
    What is Service Based Architecture for 5G System
    The Service Based architecture for 5G systems represents a move towards a cloud implementation of the Core Network. Newer 5G Core Networks have been deployed using virtualised Network Elements to allow multiple Network Elements to operate using a shared underlying hardware platform.
  • IOT-Based Geolocation Tracking without GPS
    Using Cubro probes and geolocation technology, every user can be tracked by location, in near real-time. This is done by triangulating the signal of a tracking device.
  • Network Packet Brokers and Encapsulated Traffic – Part 1
    Encapsulation, tagging, or labeling network traffic is a necessity in all but the simplest of modern networks. Whether it is simply VLAN tagging to isolate broadcast domains, building complex overlay networks, or segmenting virtual traffic.
  • Network Visibility Solutions for 40Gbit and 100Gbit
    Network Visibility Solutions for 40Gbit and 100Gbit - Cubro offers optical TAPs, copper TAPs and aggregator TAPs which are designed to enable flawless in-line monitoring of 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G networks …
  • 5 ways network visibility will impact enterprises
    External Security, Internal Security, Fraud, Internal network performance, SLA to third party providers …