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Why the Tolly Test Report on Custos is a must for network security and monitoring providers?

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Network security and performance are intricately linked to the success of your business. To ensure that all vital parameters of your network are working optimally, it is necessary to bring them under the scope of real-time window-based monitoring. The benefits of the real-time window-based monitoring are amply demonstrated in the Tolly Test Report on Custos which assessed the Cubro Network Visibility Custos product against the standard flow monitoring and came up with some interesting findings.

The Tolly Test on Custos

Tolly Custos Storage Efficiency

Tolly conducted the test in collaboration with the Cubro team to create a fact-based Tolly Test Report on the  Custos product. The testing revealed that the Custos 3D-style user interface delivered informative, immediately actionable network information; stored network data far more effectively than NetFlow/IPFIX; established a human-oriented data structure that could be easily integrated with third-party systems. The following are the key benefits of Cubro’s Custos product highlighted in the Tolly Report:

  • Network monitoring that is both powerful and simple to use.
  • TWA (Time-Window Aggregation) significantly decreases file size for network metadata transfer and storage
  • Using a custom collection window allows for significant optimization
  • The data format was created with human readability in mind for easy integration with third-party network tools
  • Discovery and visualization of network devices, services, and traffic

  The report demonstrates that Custos Time Window Based Monitoring is a unique solution that reduces network tool costs and increases ROI, enhances network tool capabilities by enriching metadata, and improves network performance, network security posture, and network compliance and planning.  

Why must you download this report?

The Tolly Report reinforces the fact that all firms must regularly monitor their networks to verify everything is in order. This report is a ready reckoner on how you must assess your network capabilities and lays down several parameters for improving your infrastructure.

“The advantages of Cubro’s Time-Window Based approach with the output of Custos are a drastic reduction of processing and storage requirements versus NetFlow while gaining insight into actual protocols and applications on the network as opposed to inferring them from port numbers and server addresses. Additionally, the output is platform-agnostic with flexible formatting, allowing a variety of tools and systems to take advantage of its network telemetry.”

            – Kevin Tolly, Founder, The Tolly Group 

Benefits of the real-time window-based monitoring 

Every firm, regardless of its size, may benefit from real-time network monitoring. Although monitoring your network in real-time is an excellent business practice, it also delivers a host of benefits:

  • Network security
Custos Network Monitoring Software Benefits

Network security is a top priority for businesses. Real-time network monitoring is an excellent technique for improving security compliance. Real-time monitoring can assist your NetSec department in identifying and resolving security issues as and when they arise. Unusual or suspicious traffic, unauthorized requests or devices, cyberthreats, or any other potentially destructive activity on your network can be identified and remedied.  

  • Network performance

The performance of your network is directly related to the success of your business. If you manage an e-commerce site, for example, you’ll want to optimize your servers to avoid outages, bandwidth overload, and excessive loading times. Monitoring your network in real-time can provide practical insights into inefficiencies that need remediation. Real-time monitoring not only offers NetOps teams continuous visibility of their network’s performance but is also instrumental in alerting them when an incident occurs, thereby reducing response time. Businesses must resolve events as soon as they occur, no matter how big or little they appear.  

Why consider Cubro’s solutions?

Cubro is a global manufacturer and supplier of IT network visibility products that provide network monitoring, security, and analytics visibility solutions for service providers and enterprise networks. Their products include Network TAPs, Advanced Network Packet Brokers, Network Probes, and Bypass Switches which improve visibility and control of all data transiting an organization’s network and are critical to the success of IT initiatives, such as:

  • 5G/4G/3G Service Assurance and Customer Experience Management
  • Digital Transformation (Cloud)
  • Data Security
  • Next-Generation Virtualized Data Centres
  • Software-Defined Networking
  • High performance

Real-time monitoring can be utilized in a variety of industries and scenarios to allow for a swift response to unforeseen events, and real-time data can be used by server and data center management to predict upcoming equipment problems and maintenance. Furthermore, employing streaming telemetry to collect network data rather than a conventional network management protocol provides a more realistic view of network performance. Synthetic and passive monitoring in software development and testing employ real-time data to imitate user interactions with software, see what customers view, and highlight problems before the application are delivered to production. Contact centers can employ real-time data to manage queues and workers, assure queue uptime, and publish service statistics. When clients are interested in high-value or high-margin items, sales representatives can be notified in real-time. Web store systems can gather and analyze streaming data to identify missed sales opportunities due to insufficient inventory. With Cubro solutions, the possibilities are immense.  

Download – Custos Tolly Report