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Channel Partner Program

Join Cubro’s LEAP Partner Program

Leveraging Excellence to Accelerate Profitability

Herbert Etlinger from Cubro

Partner with us to be part of Cubro’s growing world class ecosystem that can help you to develop new sales, expand your value-added offerings and strengthen your business growth while protecting your sales margin.

Why partner with Cubro?

Cubro icon - Increase sales opportunities

Develop new, incremental sales opportunities

Cubro icon - Increase competitive differentiation

Increase competitive differentiation

Cubro icon - High margin retention

High margin retention

Cubro icon - Increase account penetration

Increase account penetration

Cubro icon - Wide range resources

Access to a wide range of resources for sales teams

Cubro icon - Sales technical training

Sales and technical product training

Cubro icon - Shorten sales cycles

Shorten sales cycles

Cubro icon - Market leading products

Market leading products

Cubro icon - Technical expertise

Technical expertise and support

Cubro icon - Customer relationships

Enhance customer relationships

Cubro icon - Go to market support

Go-to-market support

Cubro icon - World vendor ecosystem

Be part of a growing world class vendor ecosystem

Cubro icon - Broad target market

Broad target market across private and public sector Enterprises and Service Providers

Cubro icon - Unique solutions

Unique solutions and innovative technology for network monitoring, security and analytics visibility use cases

Level of Engagement

We’ve tailored our channel partner program to meet your individual needs. Once you progress through the program, the level of benefits also increase. Become a partner to learn more about the program and different levels of engagement.

Cubro Icon Level of engagement - standard


Cubro Icon Level of engagement - premium


Cubro Icon Level of engagement - elite


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