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Cubro Network Packet Brokers EX48200 & EXA48200 are now available for order

  • 3 min read
Cubro launches network packet brokers EXA48200 and EX48200

In an effort to bring our customers more features and modern hardware platforms Cubro is proud to announce the EX48200 and EXA48200 Network Packet Brokers. 

What is different about EX48200?

The EX48200 will further enhance our classical Layer 4 NPB product range by streamlining the product lineup and integrating powerful, cutting-edge hardware. This, in turn, means superior encapsulation/tunnel functionality, critical for overlay network deployments. Besides standard OSI L2 to L4, the EX48200 also supports filtering inside tunnels like GTP, VXLAN or GRE.
A port licensing model now provides customers with the flexibility to choose the port density they need now, but with the option to expand later.  These features combine to offer incredible value and a feature-rich successor to our very successful G4 series of NPBs. 

Advanced Next-Generation Network Packet Broker EXA48200

We also have a new addition to our line of next-generation network packet brokers: the EXA48200. This unit builds atop the features of the EX48200 but with the addition of advanced functions including traffic deduplication, regular expression search, data masking, and many more. This is made possible with the integration of a powerful, multi-core ARM CPU.
By combining all the technically superior features of the frontend switch chip with the powerful CPU capabilities, the EXA48200 is the perfect choice for cutting-edge deployments. 

“Development of the EX(A)48200 series is the next logical step in our efforts to deliver state-of-the-art visibility solutions to our customers. These new products combine ultimate hardware performance with innovative higher layer application functions. The new EX(A)48200 family will thus help customers to get full access to relevant network traffic to feed monitoring, analytics or security applications.”

Herbert Etlinger, Head of Product & Solution Engineering, Cubro

Summary of the value the products bring

Check out the product pages to learn more about EX48200 & EXA48200. To reach our technical support, send us a message at