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Cubro and AB Handshake joint solution for Service Providers to reduce fraudulent voice calls

  • 4 min read

Cubro and AB Handshake have recently collaborated to provide a joint solution to help Service Providers reduce fraudulent voice calls. The solution helps to reduce lost revenue, and improve customer, government and regulator stakeholder relationships by stopping voice fraud and robocalls.

Telcos are losing billions of dollars annually due to fraud and face increasing pressure from upset customers, governments and regulators. A recent study conducted by surveying leading carriers from around the world to understand the effects of Covid 19 on their operations, concluded that there is a significant increase in fraud attacks on specific traffic flows, for instance, international voice calls. Telecom fraud results not only in loss of revenue but also reputational losses for the service providers.

Detecting and stopping Fraudulent Voice Calls

To combat this, AB Handshake offers a solution for telecom service providers that eliminates fraud on inbound and outbound voice traffic. The AB Handshake system restores trust by ensuring that any voice call is validated by both the originating and terminating telcos, making it impossible to commit fraud that relies upon the manipulation of traffic by intermediaries. Processed simultaneously to the call set-up, the ‘handshake’ gives both the A and B parties confirmation that the call is connected as intended, the choice to stop invalid calls automatically, or if stopping the call is undesirable, get an alert.

The system uses straightforward technology to integrate the handshake with existing signalling and accounting systems, and it works for all kinds of telcos and across all kinds of networks, offering a truly universal cost-effective solution.

“Collaboration with Cubro will facilitate the seamless integration of AB Handshake solution with the voice switching equipment in the operator networks. This partnership will speed up the implementation process and further contribute to the rapid growth of the global call validation community worldwide.”

                                               Vasily Birulin, Managing Director, Ab Handshake

Joint Solution with Cubro’s network visibility devices

Cubro’s Network TAPs, SS7 packetizers, and Advanced Network Packet Brokers encapsulate the calling data and transport it over the operator backbone ensuring that the AB Handshake system receives the right packet data to detect the fraudulent activities.

The solution can be installed for Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Fixed Line Operators, Virtual PBX Operators or Businesses and Apps using SIP agents. It can be adapted to suit each telco’s operational support systems without affecting the way authentication works between partners. We are proud to integrate with AB Handshake which offers a truly universal cost-effective solution with modest hardware requirements.  

Cubro is very excited to be working with AB Handshake to support operator efforts to eliminate voice call fraud worldwide. Dave Burns, Vice President of Strategic Alliances stated; “It is especially gratifying to help implement a solution to dreaded Robo-calls, an issue to which almost everyone can relate”. Call Fraud is responsible for billions of dollars of loss, and operators are increasingly mandated to implement solutions like AB Handshake to address these problems”.

How does the AB Handshake and Cubro Joint Solution benefit telcos?

  • Works in Real-Time on both IP and TDM networks 
  • Can be adapted to suit each telco’s operational support systems without affecting the way authentication works between partners  
  • Attractive and affordable for all types of operators with modest hardware requirements 
  • Non-intrusive, with no need for network upgrades. Validation does not affect call flow 
  • Provides objective evidence of fraudulent call attempts to support dispute resolution and law enforcement

Value of the Joint Solution

  • Minimise business risks by preventing fraud/cyber attacks in real-time
  • Enhance visibility and control to minimize fraud
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by minimizing or eliminating annoying Robocalls
  • Easily implemented and affordable solution that works in all types of networks

Joint Solution Brief

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