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Network Technology: Best Practices

Network TAPs – The First Line of Defense Against Cyber Attacks in Healthcare

Network TAPs are crucial in healthcare cybersecurity, providing passive data access to identify and mitigate threats, as explored through case studies highlighting their preventive potential.

Understanding the Role of Cubro in Modern Data Centers: A Deep Dive into Network Packet Brokers

As data centres demand higher bandwidth, Cubro’s Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) are essential for monitoring and optimising traffic during the transition to 100G and 400G Ethernet.

Streamlining Traffic for Effective Cybersecurity with Omnia SEC

Omnia SEC tackles the fundamental challenge of traffic reduction to enhance cybersecurity. It provides a scalable solution capable of handling massive traffic volumes, reaching up to several Tbps.

A Network Visibility Fabric from Cubro is the Foundation for Compliance with the European Union’s NIS2 Directive

The Cubro Visibility Fabric, including its industry-leading Network TAPs and Packet Brokers, provides essential foundations for compliance with Article 21 requirements.  

Unravelling the challenges of network visibility and monitoring for CSPs in 2024

Navigating the intricate challenges of network visibility and monitoring in 2024 becomes crucial for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) amidst the ever-evolving landscape of technological progress.

Introducing Cubro’s Optimized Cybersecurity Feed for CSPs

Cubro disrupts the traditional resource-heavy approach of cybersecurity solutions, offering an efficient and robust way to safeguard extensive networks, handling massive traffic volumes of up to several Tbps.


Enhancing Security Measures for Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)

As MEC and distributed processing gain prominence, data transfer is streamlined with enhanced security. Cubro ensures GDPR compliance by addressing PII concerns in the data chain.

Tackling high speed networks with Cubro

Tackling security monitoring in high-speed networks 100/400G with Cubro Visibility Solutions

Cubro’s visibility solutions, powered by Smart NPBs and cutting-edge technologies, enable organizations to overcome data delivery challenges, tackle complexity, scale for larger networks, and leverage strategic partnerships.

How to cost-effectively manage data retention in large-scale systems

Discover how Cubro’s innovative solutions tackle the challenges of data explosion, optimizing network monitoring, security, and analytics while reducing costs and resource consumption.

Ensuring Effective Network Security with Enhanced Network Visibility: Insights from Cubro CEO

In an exclusive interview with SafetyDetectives, Christian Ferenz, the CEO and co-founder of Cubro Network Visibility, discussed network security and how to detect, secure, and avoid cyberattacks. 

Lower Power Consumption with Cubro Network Visibility Solutions

Reducing Power Consumption with Cubro’s Network Visibility Solutions

As businesses continue to rely on technology for their operations, energy efficiency has become a top concern. Cubro has developed innovative ways to address this concern effectively.

Cubro_Blog_Why_EU_ forbids_TikTok_APP_on_official_devices

Why the EU has forbidden the TikTok app on official devices?

The European Union has banned access to TikTok on its official devices due to concerns over the platform’s Chinese origins and potential security risks.

Driving Business Success: The Impact of Cubro’s CDR Solution on Customer Retention, ARPU, and Energy Efficiency

Cubro’s unique CDR solution helps CSPs to lower their network tool footprint and reduce costs while meeting business objectives.

5G SA Network Visibility Challenges and current alternatives

5G SA Network Visibility challenges and current alternatives

The importance of the 5G SA lies in the 5G promise of fully supporting enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) and massive IoT use cases.

Cubro Bypass and the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

In the USA, if someone tells you that you are “sassy”, it may be a nice complement… You are “bold and lively”. However, it can also be much less flattering, sometimes meaning: “rude and disrespectful”. You must listen carefully! For network managers, SASE, the Secure Access Service Edge, can be a great help, reducing infrastructure… Read More »Cubro Bypass and the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

The difference between network and security monitoring

This blog focuses on the functionality comparison of network and security management. The frameworks aside, the Network and security operations teams have an ever-increasing amount of work and responsibility in taking care of the overall health, performance and security of a business.

CyberNews: Networks that lack adequate security will always be a primary target for malicious actors

The Cybernews team recently spoke with the CEO of Cubro Network Visibility, Christian Ferenz, who spoke about the importance of network visibility for network teams and security teams for improving the security posture of the organisation. 

Cubro Visibility: Supporting Zero Trust Network Architectures

Cubro Visibility products, together with Cubro security solution partners, can play a critical role in protecting enterprise computing access by continually monitoring network activity on the network to identify and remediate these new threats.

Why the Tolly Test Report on Custos is a must for network security and monitoring providers?

Tolly report validates Cubro’s innovative Custos solution that cost-effectively improves network performance, security posture, compliance and planning. The report demonstrates that Custos Time Window Based Monitoring is a unique solution that reduces network tool costs and increases ROI.

Need of Network Monitoring in Higher Education

The network is at the center stage in today’s education sector. A comprehensive network visibility platform offers network monitoring and security tools’ improved capabilities for detecting and remediating any security threats before they cause significant damage.