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100G Aggregation

Running Scalable Network without Dropping Packets

100 Gbps network links demand powerful and robust network packet brokers to ensure that the traffic load can be handled on all capable interfaces, at full line rate, without dropping any packets. It is also important that any filtering functionality and features support this traffic speed at full line rate as well. It is often the case that many features, and even the use of internal loopbacks to simplify traffic flow creation, can inadvertently limit throughput or cause packet loss. With Cubro’s 100G capable G4 and G5 Network Packet Brokers all functions are performed in hardware for maximum performance.

Network Traffic Filtering Solution from Cubro

The EXA32100A is connected via the Cubro optical TAPs to a 100 Gbit live link.

The aggregation feature combines the traffic in both directions to one 100 Gbit output for monitoring purposes. Using the filtering capability of the Sessionmaster EXA32100A a user can select only the portion of the traffic needed to identify/troubleshoot the network issue. Filtering of data ensures that each monitoring or inline security tool receives exactly the right data.

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