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Scalable and insightful network telemetry to build a better user experience

Gaining a competitive edge and providing unique services to customers

As network coverage, speeds, and access technologies continue to innovate at a rapid pace there has been an explosion of endpoints, from end-user devices to IoT, consuming a myriad of services.  Service providers and mobile carriers are continually searching for innovative solutions to gain a competitive edge and provide new and unique services to their customers.

Network service providers depend on big data analytics and business intelligence for critical insights, which in turn requires a scalable and reliable source of network and user telemetry. Cubro’s unique offering is the first step in assisting operators in serving their customers better and generating alternate revenue streams that will enable them to excel in future ventures.

Probing Solution from Cubro

Cubro leverages its line of Omnia products to provide network sensors and probes. Featuring a range of hardware supporting Gigabit to Terabit network speeds in different form factors; they are the ideal platform for any environment.

Cubro provides two types of metadata output allowing for a precise balance between scalability and data granularity: flow-based IPFIX, enriched with protocol and application metadata and aggregated Time-Window XDRs.

While IPFIX is fully compatible with all flow collectors, it produces a significant amount of data, especially when it is not sampled, where its effectiveness is greatest. In today’s network environment there are more endpoints than ever, each with hundreds of open sessions at any moment, this simply doesn’t scale as the storage and processing requirements are too costly. IPFIX is still an invaluable tool though, and Cubro utilizes IPFIX with DPI-enriched application and protocol detection where the highest fidelity is desired, such as with a key customer application.

Cubro’s Time-Window aggregation addresses the issue of scalability and cost associated with IPFIX by aggregating network metadata into space efficient records over preset time intervals. The result is a drastic reduction in the amount of storage and processing requirements needed for analytics and monitoring applications while retaining nearly all network metadata provided by flow-based solutions and adding critical information, such as Layer 7 application usage. Additionally, the time-window based output is flexible, supporting a number of open standards such as Google Protocol Buffers and JSON making it vendor agnostic and simplifying integration.

The Tolly Group tested Cubro’s Time-Window Aggregation and found a storage efficiency gain of up to 61x compared to NetFlow.

Time-Window Based Monitoring

Flow Based Monitoring

Cubro Probes analyse and process user plane and signaling traffic in real time. The probe correlates this decoded information and generates XDRs (extended data records) which are sent to a database system where they can be used for monitoring, data analytics, and business intelligence. Solutions such as this enable operators to harness the explosive growth in available data and utilize it for business intelligence applications such as analysing subscriber behavior. Each Cubro Probing solution can be customized based on customer requirements.

Products in this Solution

Cubro probing /meta data extraction software is running on different hardware appliances including Omnia Series and Omnia NIC.

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