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Founding Story Of Cubro By Its Co-Owners

How The Company Came To Be?

Christian Ferenz:

I used to work as a reseller of monitoring boxes. During one of the business meetings, a customer asked me if I could provide him a network TAP. The company had several monitoring tools but wanted to deploy a network TAP.
He explained how this tool could help save the company’s IT costs. At that point, there were not many vendors of network visibility tools. This was the starting point. I decided to grab that opportunity.
Together with two of my colleagues (co-founders of the company), we created a TAP which the customer tested and after some changes decided to deploy in the company’s network. Those first TAPs which we made in 2003 are still deployed in the company’s network.
Our business idea is based on partnership with our customers. Opportunities started opening for us. We understood the challenges related to network visibility and through our technical expertise, we started producing more advanced tools like the network packet brokers and probes. After literally producing our first product in a garage, our products are installed in more than 200 companies all over the world.


What Motivates Us And Our Team Each Day?

Sascha Naunovic:

We started the company with four employees and since the beginning we were passionate about the business. Since our launch, our core objective has been to meet the customers’ demands.

The motivation comes from the challenges we face in delivering what the customer asks for. We compete with some big players but over the years our customer base has grown steadily and we are proud of our growth rate.

Herbert Etlinger:

Our collaborative team environment is one of our biggest advantages.

We maintain a powerful team spirit at work and effectively communicate the goals of the company.

from left: Christian Ferenz, Sascha Naunovic, Herbert Etlinger, Gabriel Guriencu

What Is Our Culture?

Christian Ferenz:

My biggest satisfaction is seeing smiling faces each morning at work. In our office, we celebrate success and learn from the failures. Each department has a key role in delivering the best experience to the customer and we empower our employees to achieve this goal. We are a transparent company and value our human resource. Our open-door policy at work encourages our staff to share ideas which help us grow.

Gabriel Guriencu:

Since we are a small medium sized company, we benefit from being customer centric and innovation driven. Our customers can reach us easily and get personalized support from real people instead of a computerized machine. We make speedy decisions and implement them at a faster pace. The key to unlocking our growth was providing the right solution to the customer and value for money. We think on a bigger scale and constantly focus on making technologically improved products.


Our Origin

  • 20032003

    Company founded in Vienna, Austria by three partners Naunovic, Ferenz, Guriencu with an ambitious idea of fulfilling the demand for network visibility tools and offering simple customized solutions for network related issues. Cubro begins its journey with its first major customer A 1 Telekom Austria.
  • 20052005

    Fourth partner Etlinger joins Cubro to take the company to the next level.
  • 20062006

    Birth of Cubro Trademark and first Optical TAPs produced followed by Copper TAPs.
  • 20072007

    The company introduces Optical Aggregation TAPs.
  • 20092009

    First Network Appliance with 24x1G Ethernet ports added to the product range.
  • 20102010

    The legendary Packetmaster 1 is born.
  • 20122012

    The Packetmaster EX48 with 48x10G Ports added to the product portfolio and new EX5 platform starts. Another major telecom operator ‘Orange’ starts using Cubro products.
  • 20132013

    EX6 introduced and new optical TAPs with revolutionary size called ‘OPTOSLIM’ launched in the market.
  • 20142014

    The company continues to invest in new products with advanced features and introduces EX484-2 and EX12. The same year small hand carried Packetmasters with powerful features launch in the market. Many new resellers and system integrators worldwide start selling Cubro products in new markets like Japan, USA, South Africa and UK. With Liberty Global, Europe’s largest international TV and broadband company, Cubro adds another valued customer in its portfolio.
  • 20152015

    Product range expands with 4th Generation Packetmaster series which includes Packetmaster EX484-3, followed by EX32, EX32+ and the powerful 100G units EX48400 and EX20400.
  • 20162016

    To keep up with the customer demand, Cubro introduces the new Sessionmaster series with units capable of handling layer 7. Cubro is proud to have over 200 valued customers spanning the globe. The company ends the year with profitable growth. To further address the needs of the growing customers, the company hires technically trained staff and moves the office to a bigger space.
  • 20172017

    Cubro rebrands to update its image and reflect the company’s mission, vision and core values. The company continues to serve diverse set of customers, ranging from telecom, defense, system integrators, enterprises and government organisations.
  • 20182018

    Launch of Cubro Vitrum Management Suite - the centralised management platform for Cubro devices. Introduction of EXA8 - the only network visibility probe of its kind in the market due to its compact size, in built-TAP and powerful CPU at a low price.
  • 20192019

    Launched Cubro Cloud Switch (CCS) for monitoring overlay network. Other products introduced include Cubro Visibility Node and EXA64100. Cubro awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

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