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Cubro Product Use Cases

Streamlining Traffic for Effective Cybersecurity with Omnia SEC

Omnia SEC tackles the fundamental challenge of traffic reduction to enhance cybersecurity. It provides a scalable solution capable of handling massive traffic volumes, reaching up to several Tbps.

Enhancing Visibility Amidst High Data Volumes with Omnia Solution Suite

Omnia Solution Suite empowers large networks with optimal performance, responsiveness, and security, setting new standards for the industry.

Cubro_Blog_Why_EU_ forbids_TikTok_APP_on_official_devices

Why the EU has forbidden the TikTok app on official devices?

The European Union has banned access to TikTok on its official devices due to concerns over the platform’s Chinese origins and potential security risks.

Driving Business Success: The Impact of Cubro’s CDR Solution on Customer Retention, ARPU, and Energy Efficiency

Cubro’s unique CDR solution helps CSPs to lower their network tool footprint and reduce costs while meeting business objectives.

Optical Bypass EX400 provides live link protection in case of NPB failure

Bypass switches are in-line devices that provide fail-safe protection for the monitoring devices deployed by the enterprise customer. They ensure no traffic on the live link is impacted. The EX400 was used by the customer to isolate the Cubro NPB and the monitoring tools connected to it.

Cubro and AB Handshake joint solution for Service Providers to reduce fraudulent voice calls

Cubro and AB Handshake have recently collaborated to provide a joint solution to help Service Providers reduce fraudulent voice calls. The solution helps to reduce lost revenue, and improve customer, government and regulator stakeholder relationships by stopping voice fraud and robocalls.

The business case for network visibility

Network visibility solutions help organizations to meet their business and IT objectives by improving network performance, security posture, network planning, business continuity, and the ROI of network infrastructure and network tools.

Why network visibility is critical for security

Why network visibility is critical for security

You can only secure what you can see – network visibility is essential for security. Omnia, the latest network visibility device from Cubro, can be configured as a network security appliance with an integrated network TAP and Packet Broker by installing the appropriate software application.

Cubro EXA8 for Open Source Projects

EXA8 for Open Source Projects

Cubro hosted the Elevate the EXA8 contest shortly after release to offer the open-source community a chance to develop unique applications on the EXA8 hardware. The final submissions to the contest highlight the diverse capabilities of the EXA8 and the ingenuity of the open-source community.

Advance buffer mechanism on EXA32100

A significant function of Network Packet Brokers is aggregation. Often people think that aggregation is a simple task in packet brokering but actually, it is the most challenging part because everything must be done in real time …

Keyword and Regular Expressions Search

Keyword and regular expressions (Regex) search can be used as an easily adjustable form of deep packet inspection (DPI). This application allows the filtering engine to look deeper into packets. …