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Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) are the middleman that guarantees that monitoring and security appliances have a comprehensive view of network traffic and that those tools are operating at peak efficiency. Cubro NPBs incorporate features like traffic aggregation, traffic replication, filtering, load-balancing, header-modification and more. More advanced network packet brokers also support Deep packet inspection (DPI) which is an advanced monitoring technique and a useful application for telcos.

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In recent years, the demand for network visibility tools has increased because they make existing monitoring tools work better and save costs for the users. Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) gather and aggregate network traffic from switch SPAN ports or network TAPs and then tap that traffic to enable the more efficient use of security and performance tools – in-line and/or passive. They make existing security and performance tools work better, enabling users to get more out of their investments and lengthen the life of these tools.

The growing complexity of enterprise networks has created a need for more effective solutions to the issues related to specific blind spots. Companies look for cost-efficient solutions that cater to their specific needs—high port density, agility, security, scalability and network visibility. As a result, instead of adding new monitoring tools which lead to higher costs, hours of configuration time and additional management complexities, the companies use NPBs which enable the migration to higher network speeds and increase the effectiveness of security and monitoring tools that are already in place.

Preventing failures is much more effective than repairing them, especially when it comes down to providing a reliable and secure data environment to customers. With proper visibility into your network, you can capture data the data you need to prevent costly outages. NPBs provide comprehensive network visibility solutions for monitoring networks. The final goal of a visibility architecture is to be able to capture data smartly at regular intervals for troubleshooting or any other monitoring needs.

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