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Cubro partners with Polystar to deliver 5G network and services solution to Hi3G

  • 3 min read

Recently, Cubro partnered with Polystar to offer an integrated 5G network and services solution to Hi3G. Hi3G operates as 3Scandinavia and is a part of the global 3 group with operations in eleven countries. Cubro and Polystar have delivered Hi3G a scalable and advanced network monitoring platform that caters to the increased demands of the NFVI and 5GC infrastructure.

The new Data Centre infrastructure includes multiple 100GE links and advanced overlay networking. Cubro’s network visibility solution was selected to ensure the required network traffic is presented to Polystar’s network monitoring solution to cost-effectively maximize its operational efficiency. Cubro’s solution is able to support a high number of 100GE ports and, in combination with advanced features such as VXLAN filtering and load balancing, is able to deliver network traffic to multiple different types of network probes.

Polystar and Cubro have already proven our worth and capabilities over many years to Hi3G, enabling new levels of customisation and adaptability. We are honoured and excited that Hi3G has chosen to continue to work with us on its 5G journey

Stefan Eklund, Vice President Sales from Polystar

Cubro’s advanced network packet brokers offer high port-density and high throughput applications like VXLAN filtering and GTP load balancing. Our superior and easy to use filtering capabilities make our devices a preferred choice among competitors.

Network visibility solutions enable service providers to improve the tools they have running on their networks. This can ultimately result in a higher return on investment in the long run. Our advanced applications include VXLAN applications and GTP load balancing besides the other regular applications of network packet brokers. These advanced features result in cutting down the amount of data being sent to monitoring and security tools and increase the tool capacity.

Hi3G Selects Cubro and Polystar

Consequently, Service Providers are able to reduce their ongoing investment in new tools and increase their ROI by redeploying existing probes while reducing the time taken and costs required to identify and resolve network performance and security issues.

We look forward to this continued and deepened collaboration with Polystar and its partner Cubro as an important part of our successful 5G rollout in Denmark and Sweden

Per Stigenberg, CTO 3 Scandinavia

Cubro believes that being part of the technology ecosystem has allowed us to leverage powerful collaborative technology and offer more value with a diverse set of innovative solution to our customers.