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A Network Visibility Fabric from Cubro is the Foundation for Compliance with the European Union’s NIS2 Directive

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NIS2 stands for “Network and Information Security Directive” and is a continuation and expansion of the previous EU cybersecurity directive, NIS1. NIS2 aims to strengthen the collective cybersecurity level of EU member states by increasing cybersecurity enforcement requirements for critical infrastructure sectors.

The NIS2 directive regulates companies and government agencies in the area of cybersecurity. The directive will manifest as national law, which means that each organization encompassed by the directive will be required to live up to its requirements. 

NIS2 increases these cybersecurity requirements, enforcement of the requirements, and the level of fines for non-compliance. In addition, company management teams are now able to be held accountable for any failure to live up to the new requirements.

 NIS2 is to European cybersecurity what GDPR was for European data protection.

How Cubro Can Help

EU Member States must adopt and publish measures to comply with NIS2 directives by October 2024.  Article 21 requires Member States to ensure that essential organizations take appropriate and proportionate technical, operational and organizational measures to manage the risks posed to the security of network and information systems.

The Cubro Visibility Fabric, including its industry-leading Network TAPs and Packet Brokers, provides essential foundations for compliance with Article 21 requirements.  

Compliance starts with understanding the network: an inventory of end-users, devices, applications, and traffic. This information can then be used to create network segmentation policies, providing enhanced security and access control to critical network resources and preventing problems in one portion of the network from spreading widely in the enterprise.  

It is no longer possible to close off a data network from outside access. Essential enterprises need to assume that their networks have been breached and continually monitor for threats. The Cubro Visibility fabric feeds a variety of Network Detection and Response (NDR)  solutions that act as “police on patrol” to identify and isolate cyber threats before they affect service.

Cubro’s experience with Large, Complex, Critical Service Providers and Enterprise Networks. 

The NIS2 directive expands the scope of essential and important enterprises covered by the standard. It focuses on Digital infrastructure (IXPs, cloud providers, data centres, CDNs, TSPs, and electronic communication providers). Cubro has maintained a steadfast dedication to this sector since its establishment more than two decades ago.

In addition to digital infrastructure providers, Cubro has particular experience in health care (hospitals, laboratories, research and development, pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers), banking, and finance. These enterprises have some of the most complex network architectures in the industry.  They extensively use overlay networking standards like VxLAN, MPLS, GTP, GRE, and others. In addition, these networks need to support Terabits of bandwidth across various campuses and facilities.  

Cubro’s products are purpose-built for these demanding environments, using advanced chipsets that handle these complex, high-speed networks more efficiently. Cubro’s visibility solutions stand out for their innovative design and modern approach. Unlike some other vendors’ solutions, which are often built on legacy switching platforms, Cubro’s offerings are optimised for efficiency and effectiveness. Our solutions require fewer ports, consume less power, occupy minimal rack space, and are cost-effective, providing clients with superior value without compromising performance.

Cubro Partners with Selected Security Vendors Needed for NIS2 compliance

Cubro has forged strategic partnerships with select cybersecurity vendors, ensuring seamless integration of our solutions with essential tools required for NIS2 compliance. Through collaborative efforts, we have developed joint solutions that enhance cybersecurity measures and facilitate the seamless data flow for network analytics, troubleshooting, performance optimization, and infrastructure management purposes.

Please visit Cubro’s website at to learn more about Cubro’s visibility products, cyber security solutions, and technical solution partners.  For more information or to book an appointment to discuss NIS2 foundations, please contact