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Unravelling the challenges of network visibility and monitoring for CSPs in 2024

  • 4 min read

In the ever-evolving Communications Service Provider (CSP) landscape, where the digital heartbeat of our connected world thrives, the search for seamless network visibility and monitoring has become a complicated and challenging journey.

As we embark on 2024, the story of connectivity is shaped by constant technological progress. Let’s look at the challenges CSPs face in navigating network visibility and monitoring in an era of rapid technological advancement.

The tapestry of connectivity

In the vast tapestry of modern communications networks, the role of service providers is akin to that of master weavers. Each digital thread woven into this intricate fabric represents a connection, a transaction, a communication exchanged across the globe. As the demand for faster, more reliable connectivity increases, so do the challenges facing these weavers of the digital age.

The quantum leap of 5G

The advent of 5G technology promised a quantum leap in the capabilities of communications networks. While the promise is undeniable, so are the challenges associated with this paradigm shift. The higher data speeds, lower latency and increased device connectivity of 5G networks have brought a new level of complexity to network visibility and monitoring.

Security in the shadows

Security is becoming increasingly important as we become more dependent on digital services. As communications service providers strive to keep pace with evolving cyber threats, the challenge of maintaining robust security measures while ensuring uninterrupted network visibility becomes a delicate balancing act.

The number of connections is growing exponentially with IoT. As a result, issues such as trusted ID, trusted SW, secure configuration, trusted data, protected communications, privacy and physical security are becoming increasingly important not only in IoT communications but also in telecommunications in general.

The big data conundrum

In the era of big data, communications service providers are drowning in a sea of information. The challenge is not only to collect and store massive amounts of data but also to harness its potential for meaningful insights. As networks expand and data proliferates, the need for advanced analytics tools to ensure effective network visibility becomes more urgent than ever.

Advanced Network Packet Brokers and Cubro’s Role

In the intricate dance of network visibility, advanced network packet brokers emerge as the unsung heroes. These specialised devices play a critical role in intelligently optimising and distributing network traffic, providing a panoramic view of data flow without overwhelming monitoring tools. Cubro, a leading player in this space, has been instrumental in shaping the narrative of seamless visibility for communications service providers.

Network visibility remains crucial for understanding network activities. Even with multiple layers of security, data flows, and messages require decryption before any action can be taken. The decryption point provides an opportunity to legitimately extract data, such as 5GC or user plane data, after it has passed through the security layer. The rising number of attacks, stricter regulatory requirements and substantial growth in data volumes compel CSPs to plan data extraction points more carefully and, in many cases, even add encapsulated encryption with anonymisation. With careful planning and the right solution, it is still possible to monitor data and gain insight into subscriber behaviour.

The advanced Cubro network packet broker technology stands out with its integrated features, enhancing not only its versatility but also positioning it as a robust solution for optimizing data flow, ensuring network visibility, and fortifying cybersecurity measures in dynamic network environments.

This technology delivers unmatched capability and adaptability in network traffic management. It elevates the effectiveness of network analysis and security tools, playing a crucial role in resolving application performance bottlenecks and facilitating the troubleshooting of network issues. Cubro’s network packet broker technology is designed to meet the challenges of modern networks, providing comprehensive solutions for efficient and secure data handling.