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Top 8 Advantages of Deploying Cubro Devices

  • 2 min read
Today, enterprises and carriers with large, complex networks often find it challenging overwhelming to manage their networks to minimise outages and performance issues. All carriers, data centres, defence organisations and enterprises MUST look to secure and manage their growing network traffic demands, improve productivity and save MTTR by having complete network visibility. Cubro Network Visibility enables organisations to meet these challenges with solutions that deliver high ROI, cutting-edge features, and exceptional reliability.
Unlike other providers that burden customers with annual port and software licensing fees, we provide a single, unified visibility solution with a full feature set for no additional cost. Our customers experience the full value of network visibility providing them with the insights they need to be confident about their network architecture and performance. To meet the need of future with millions of networks end- points, 100.000 ports to tap, Cubro is planning to offer visibility as a service which would allow multiple devices to work in conjunction rather than separately. Cubro is looking forward to supporting the infrastructure of future and is focusing on a hybrid solution which would combine hardware and software hosted by Big Data.

Currently, our network visibility products offer reliable and scalable solutions through applications like smart filtering based on higher layer – up to application layer (L7), monitoring, load balancing, aggregation, and metadata extraction which result in improved operational efficiency and network performance.
Cubro Advantage:
  1. ​Lower total cost of ownership and shorter deployment cycles
  2. Ability to provide high-quality, post-sales support assistance (integration, configuration, customisation and post-implementation support)
  3. Ease of use and consumability
  4. Competitive low-cost pricing
  5. Rapid and easy implementation
  6. Low hardware requirements and a small footprint
  7. Option of getting additional services – technical training, onsite installation, excellent technical after sales support
  8. Assurance to be working with a technically competent company who understands the relevance of the network

Get the visibility and insight needed to deal with sluggish performance, unexpected outages, security issues and network failures