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Network Visibility for Healthcare Organisations

  • 2 min read

Medical institutions need real-time network visibility to protect their sensitive patient data and maximisenetwork performance. Healthcare technology has revolutionised with access to electronic health records, e-prescription services, and telemedicine. Dependency on services and applications means dealing with complex networks. Moreover, as prevention is better than cure, it is vital for health organisations to be proactive and have visibility into what’s happening in their network.

The three main challenges related to network infrastructure include:

  1. ​Speed and performance
  2. Security
  3. Scalability

The Solution

To meet these challenges, healthcare organisations need network visibility tools which can support high bandwidth and have low latency. Cubro’s network TAPs and network packet brokers, not only monitor the performance of the network, but also have advanced features like load balancing, filtering, aggregating and packet slicing. As a customer-driven company, we offer customised solutions which are best suited to your organisation. Being a European company, we have an unrivalled global reputation for high-quality products.

Cubro network packet broker advantage:

  • Centralised data for monitoring
  • Fewer monitoring tools needed, reduced waste
  • Increased analyser/analytics efficiency with E2E visibility
  • Reduced incident response times
  • Significant monitoring & operational cost reduction
  • Maximised ROI from tool investments
  • Increased security, resilience by ensuring networks are durable against growing IT security threats

Cubro Network Visibility tools offer non-blocking design of all packet brokers, accessibility of scripting features, the modular concept for the TAPs which can be adopted as per the customer need and slow generation on any unit. Cubro offers a superior alternative to managing distributed, oversubscribed monitoring tools and at the same time protects the investment already made in these tools.

The growing interconnectedness of technology in the medical field requires application intelligence. Therefore, network visibility up to L4 is not enough anymore. The device should be able to identify unknown applications and mitigate security threats from suspicious applications and locations. Cubro next-generation network packet brokers (Cubro G5) have high-performance switching fabric (L2-L7) and can perform inner IP tunnel filtering.

With the explosion of healthcare applications and technologies, IT healthcare professionals face challenges relating to the security of patient data and scalability for the future. In this changing healthcare IT landscape, it is vital for the network to be robust enough to support multiple functions, including the ability to provide seamless connectivity between data centres for disaster recovery and troubleshooting.