18. May 2021

Cisco 40G & 100G BiDi Visibility for High Performance

Cisco 40Gbit and 100Gbit visibility
The Cubro BiDi TAP is fully passive, completely traffic transparent, features low insertion loss, adds no delay to live traffic and works for both 40Gbit as well as 100Gbit. The TAP is available as 1 link or 2 links version and requires only 1/3 of a U in a 19” rack.
14. April 2020

Introducing the new ‘Bitwise Masking’ on Advanced NPBs

Product Update
From software version V2.0R18 onwards the Cubro G5 series of Advanced Packet Broker (EXA32100 and EXA48600) supports IPv6 with bitmask filtering. Up to now the G5 units supported already IPv6 “subnet” filtering via prefix. The new IPv6 bitmask filtering further enhances the filtering capabilities of the G5 units and allows to filter out dedicated IPv6 address ranges that are not possible via standard prefix filtering.
28. November 2019

Announcing the newest feature of the EXA32100: MPLS over UDP Header Stripping

Cubro has further enhanced its flagship EXA32100 Advanced Packet Broker. With the latest software release, the EXA32100 is able to remove MPLS over UDP tunnels from incoming packets. Thus, users can continue using existing monitoring tools and traffic analysis systems that do not support MPLS over UDP in modern overlay network architectures.
15. July 2019

GRE Termination arrives on the Cubro EXA

The latest firmware release (V2.0R11T007) for the Cubro EXA48600 and EXA32100 brings a highly requested feature, along with other refinements and stability improvements, to Cubro’s cutting-edge Packet Broker platform.
18. June 2019

Rolling Capture & Indexing for Network Troubleshooting

Network troubleshooting is often not that easy because the problem appears only from time to time. It is critical to troubleshoot, optimize underlying network issues and view the health of network links.
18. March 2019

Product Update: EXA8 is Available to Order

The EXA8 is an affordable high performance universal open network appliance with a unique design and flexible feature set. Cubro EXA8 is the only network visibility probe of its kind in the market due to its compact size, in built-TAP and powerful CPU …
25. February 2019

Product News: Release of Product Update

Here's some important product news for EXA40/EXA24160 and EXA48600/EXA32100. The last software versions include several new features that improve our solutions further. Our latest product update is part of our ongoing effort to offer better and improved …
22. January 2019

Cubro Releases Software Version 2 for G5 Units

Cubro Releases Software Version 2 for G5 Units
Cubro has just recently released Software Version 2 for all its advanced G5 Network Packet Broker units (EX48600, EX32100, EXA48600 and EXA32100). The new software version is a major step forward and further enhances our market position …
2. August 2018

New Labels for Easy Deployment of OPTOSLIM TAPs with LC Connectors

New Labels for Easy Deployment of OPTOSLIM TAPs with LC Connectors
The new informative label would help the installation team of engineers to install the OPTOSLIM TAPs without any issues …
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