1. October 2021

The business case for network visibility

Network visibility solutions help organizations to meet their business and IT objectives by improving network performance, security posture, network planning, business continuity, and the ROI of network infrastructure and network tools.
9. February 2021

Why network visibility is critical for security

Why network visibility is critical for security
You can only secure what you can see – network visibility is essential for security. Omnia, the latest network visibility device from Cubro, can be configured as a network security appliance with an integrated network TAP and Packet Broker by installing the appropriate software application.
17. July 2020

EXA8 for Open Source Projects

Cubro EXA8 for Open Source Projects
Cubro hosted the Elevate the EXA8 contest shortly after release to offer the open-source community a chance to develop unique applications on the EXA8 hardware. The final submissions to the contest highlight the diverse capabilities of the EXA8 and the ingenuity of the open-source community.
15. October 2019

Success Story: Power of Open Source for Elevating Cubro EXA8

In this post, we want to show an example of how we, at Cubro along with our partner QXIP, have used the power of Open-source software to elevate the EXA8 to the product it is today.
26. June 2019

How to troubleshoot security breach event with EXA8

How to troubleshoot security breach event with EXA8
When performing network troubleshooting several problems exist, though, with today's post, I will focus on two main issues. First, missing the error or security breach event entirely and, second, capture files too large for analysis.
4. February 2019

Maximizing Monitoring Tool Investments with Network Packet Brokers

Network Packet Brokers for Maximizing Monitoring Tool Investments - how the addition of a Network Packet Broker can increase the efficiency of monitoring devices while simultaneously extending their serviceable life, increasing ROI …
16. May 2018

Case Study: Packet Slicing Saves Cost on Flow Monitoring

Packet Slicing Saves Cost on Flow Monitoring - Check out this Case Study where Cubro provided the right network visibility solutions for a data center …
25. April 2018

Advance buffer mechanism on EXA32100

A significant function of Network Packet Brokers is aggregation. Often people think that aggregation is a simple task in packet brokering but actually, it is the most challenging part because everything must be done in real time …
10. April 2018

Userplane IMSI filtering on high bandwidth

Monitoring userplane in LTE networks involves two problems - traffic growth/volume and legal issues …
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