11. February 2020

IOT-Based Geolocation Tracking without GPS

Using Cubro probes and geolocation technology, every user can be tracked by location, in near real-time. This is done by triangulating the signal of a tracking device.
22. January 2020

The Benefits of Network Automation

Benefits of Network Automation
Network Automation is an enduring trend in our industry because networks are becoming larger and more complex. Cubro is formally announcing the concept of Visibility Automation! Cubro’s automation uses several network metadata sources, from in-band telemetry to DPI, that are correlated within the Cubro controller to generate a dynamic picture of the network and follow network changes automatically.
16. April 2019

Network Packet Brokers and Encapsulated Traffic – Part 1

Encapsulation, tagging, or labeling network traffic is a necessity in all but the simplest of modern networks. Whether it is simply VLAN tagging to isolate broadcast domains, building complex overlay networks, or segmenting virtual traffic.
12. March 2019

The Advantages of Visibility Automation

The challenge of visibility in today's Virtual Networks is not the virtualization itself but the disintegrated network operation approach and the dynamization of network designs. The modern data centres need to have full visibility …
22. October 2018

Network Visibility Solutions for 40Gbit and 100Gbit

Network Visibility Solutions for 40Gbit and 100Gbit - Cubro offers optical TAPs, copper TAPs and aggregator TAPs which are designed to enable flawless in-line monitoring of 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G networks …
25. January 2018

The future of visibility 2020 and beyond – Part 2

Network performance challenges are increasing, and visibility will be a more critical part of the network infrastructure in future. New trends and increased security threats within the network operations would require high-level visibility …
6. November 2017

The future of visibility 2020 and beyond

Network performance challenges are increasing and visibility will be a more important part of the network infrastructure in future. Is your network visibility ready for what's next? …
23. October 2017

What does Big Data mean for Mobile Cellular Networks?

The five key elements of big data these days are volume, velocity, variety, variability and complexity of data. Whether it is a large enterprise or a small organisation, voluminous data is generated on a day-to-day basis.
18. September 2017

Big Data in Network Operators

Big Data is a buzzword all over the world. Service Providers believe that big data will play a critical role. What are the possibilities of big data analytics and how can big data help service providers on a daily base? …
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