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We choose technology partners with whom we can integrate our solution and offer extended value to our customers. Our technology partners complement our solutions and offers customers additional technical expertise. By collaborating with our technology partners, we are able to extend the capabilities and functionality of each other’s products/services. This ultimately allows us to offer our customers enhanced solutions to drive their success. 

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    Forescout Technologies

    Forescout is the leader in Enterprise of Things security, offering a holistic platform that continuously identifies, segments and enforces compliance of every connected thing across any heterogeneous network. The Forescout platform is the most widely deployed, scalable, enterprise- class solution for agentless device visibility and control. It deploys quickly on your existing infrastructure – without requiring agents, upgrades or 802.1X authentication. Fortune 1000 companies and government organizations trust Forescout to reduce the risk of business disruption from security incidents or breaches, ensure and demonstrate security compliance and increase security operations productivity. 

    Don’t just see it. Secure it. Visit to learn how Forescout provides active defense for the Enterprise of Things.


    Polystar is a leading provider of real-time monitoring and analytics platforms to more than 100 CSPs worldwide. The company‘s solutions deliver tailored insights into network, service and OTT application performance. These insights allow stakeholders to enhance customer experience, operational efficiency, and identify new revenue streams from data monetisation.

    Polystar‘s products enable the smooth introduction of new technologies and services, including 5G, NFV and IoT, helping CSPs build and operate cost efficient, secure and reliable networks. Powered by Elisa Automate, Polystar also ensures proactive management of networks through automation of operational processes, driven by machine learning. CSPs benefit from faster fault resolution and more efficient use of both operational and network resources.

    Polystar was founded in Stockholm in 1983. The company has experienced continuous growth and has evolved to become a global company, serving customers and partners in over 50 countries. Since June 2019, Polystar has been part of Elisa. For more information, please visit


    Sniffa Network Security Solutions (NSS) are a UK based company, that specialise in helping businesses to detect intruders that operate inside the perimeter defences of corporate IT Networks.

    Sniffa NSS use the best of breed Intrusion Detection Systems Snort™ with Deep Packet Analysis from Zeek™, to produce network traffic metadata that far surpasses that gathered by traditional network visibility tools and NetFlow collectors.

    They have developed simple to use applications that ingest that metadata and present it to SecOps staff in a way that makes threat hunting more efficient. There is no need to install complex and expensive SIEM solutions for staff to learn and operate, when Sniffa NSS’s all-in-one solution will do the job quicker, better and for a lot less cost.


    SilverEngine is a technology consultancy providing services focused on technical infrastructure and networks of telecom operators.

    We help our clients improve performance and reliability of complex and mission critical networks. Beyond technical infrastructures, we provide advice to our clients how to design and implement subscriber-centric data center architectures.

    Part of our portfolio is 5G Subscriber Experience and IoT Analytics solutions which enables operators to take data driven decisions to improve Subscriber Experience by optimize and invest infrastructure where it matters most, as well as identifying subscribers with poor network experience.

    Our solutions are tailor-made and developed in close cooperation with our clients. SilverEngine combines comprehensive industry knowledge with unique technology know-how offering advice, services to develop and implement technological solutions as well as best-of-breed tools and techniques. Examples of our customers includes Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Nokia.


    ntop is a 20 years old engineering-driven company that develops both open-source and commercial networking software used by small individuals as well by large telecom operators. The main focus is on high-speed network traffic analysis and security, including packet capturing and inspection, active probing, and in-depth traffic analysis.

    ntop started as an opensource project in 1998 whose goal was to create a simple yet effective web-based traffic monitoring platform. Many things have changed since then, including the nature of the traffic being analyzed, operating systems being run, and the way users interact with technologies. During this time, ntop has evolved into a fully-fledged research company with many opensource projects whose main spirit is still the original one, namely, innovate network monitoring using commodity hardware and freely available operating systems.


    McAfee Security Innovation Alliance is the security industry’s most open partner ecosystem empowering customers to deploy technologies that facilitate faster innovation cycles, build a coordinated, unified defense, and deliver security-based business outcomesThrough the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance customers can strengthen the threat defense lifecycle with differentiated, lab tested third-party partner solutions that are tightly integrated with our leading technologies.


    QXIP, the creator of Homer and the HEP protocol, is a RnD company based in The Netherlands. QXIP's flagship monitoring platform is Hepic, which is designed to fulfil all the critical needs for the modern Telco, integrators, carriers, and enterprises. Hepic is full of advanced features, including Real-Time Session Tracking, RTP Analyzers, Cross-Protocol Correlation, Group Aggregations, Big-Data, Intelligent Alerting, Partitioning, Clustering and much more. All of these features are fully compatible with the existing Open-Source HEP Stack and Agents, delivering the best of both worlds.

    About Fortinet

    Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) secures the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world. Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface and the power to take on ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network - today and into the future. Only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can deliver security without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, cloud or mobile environments. More than 300,000 customers worldwide trust Fortinet to protect their businesses. Learn more at

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