Electrical TAPs

Copper TAPs

  • copper tap 10/100-R3
  • copper tap 10/100/1000-R3


  • Carrier Grade Design
  • Fastest switchover time, depending on the PHYs in the tapped nodes, our TAP can switch w/o to drop the link
  • 10/100/1000 and 10/100 models
  • 10/100 TAP is entirely passive and does not influence the live link in any way (whether the TAP is powered on or not)
  • PoE pass through
  • 10/100/1000 TAP features a USB interface providing diagnostic information

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Cubro offers copper TAPs in 10/100/1000 models as well as passive 10/100 models. The advanced Cubro 10/100/1000 Copper Network TAP is an all-new development based on the latest PHY chips. These devices are PoE transparent across the link ports. The new “B” version of the 10/100/1000 features a USB interface that the user can connect to and retrieve detailed information about every port on the TAP as well as the TAP status itself.

The new “B” version is also able to gather information about the live link connection as well as about the configuration of the link partners (e.g. duplex, mismatch issues, M/S conflicts...). This information can also be retrieved via the USB interface allowing the Cubro TAP to assist the user in finding mistakes in the configuration of the link partners. Finally, depending on the PHY chips used in the tapped nodes the new Cubro 10/100/1000(B) TAP is attached to, the TAP can switch states without dropping the live link at all. This helps in mitigating the issue of link renegotiation of the tapped nodes that can occur with copper TAPs in a fail open scenario.



  • Fastest switchover time, depending on the PHYs in the tapped nodes, our TAP can switch w/o to drop the link
  • Smallest footprint - 21 links in one 19” 3RU chassis
  • Best price and performance
  • Flexible power solution 230 AC and 48 V DC
  • Low power design (green data center)
  • Flex Tab 1000 from Cubro - top view
  • Flex Tab 1000 from Cubro - side view
  • Flex Tab 1000 from Cubro - front view
  • Flex Tab 100 from Cubro - top view
  • Flex Tab 100 from Cubro - side view
  • Flex Tab 100 from Cubro - front view

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The major advantage of this concept is easy expansion and installation. Consider a situation where there are 21 single-link electrical TAPs deployed. In this case, 42 power cords would be required and this could easily lead to a tangled mess. Compared to other solutions with separate TAPs, the new FlexTAP has only two power connectors for up to 21 TAPs.

The flexible and easy-to-install solution consists of 4 parts:

  • 10/100/1000 TAP blade
  • 19” 3RU inch chassis
  • Power module (230 V DC or 48 DC)
  • Fan module

Converter TAPs

  • cubro converter tap - side view
  • cubro converter tap - side view
  • cubro converter tap - front view


  • Carrier Grade Design
  • Fault-transparent
  • Fully passive
  • 1G or 10G
  • SFP or SFP+ output

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The Cubro Converter TAP converts traffic from optical Gigabit Ethernet links to an SFP output. With its passive connection to the network it does not influence the traffic of the optical network link while allowing complete access to the traffic via the copper 1000 B-T monitoring port. Cubro provides a cost-effective, flexible small device which converts the incoming traffic to an additional output port. The Cubro Converter TAPs use SFP or SFP+ modules giving the user maximum flexibility. It is possible to change or add SFPs during operation without interrupting other ports (hot-swap). Moreover, it is possible to use non-vendor specific SFPs: SM, MM, COPPER, CWDM, and/or BIDI in any combination.

The path from the input to the output ports is fault-transparent. If the link on the input port goes down then the output ports follow with a short delay. The path from the input to the output ports is layer 1 to 7 transparent. Any error on the input port will be copied to all output ports.

Aggregation TAPs


  • Low switching time
  • High port density
  • Traffic filtering up to Layer 4
  • 10 | 100 | 1000 Live links
  • SFP output with optional SFP+ (10G) output
  • Aggregation Tap from Cubro - top view
  • Aggregation Tap from Cubro - side view
  • Aggregation Tap from Cubro - front view

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The EX Aggregator is an intelligent TAP for network data packets featuring high port density, diverse operation modes, flexible deployment and easy management and maintenance. With its excellent adaptability to various network environments it can provide telecommunication data for IDS, network protocol analysers, and signalling analysers in real-time as needed. Gbit copper interfaces are still very common in many places, from data centers to enterprise networks.

Copper Gbit links are very complicated to tap. Due to the design of these links, tapping them passively has not been possible so far. In case of a power loss situation in the TAP the live link is always interrupted. This interruption time is most critical for networks. Losing a packet is not the biggest issue, however, the link's down status can activate a protection mechanism in the network and lead to massive network problems.

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